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Current Prophetic Events: Tribulation Today

August Rosado and Nathan Jones


Are we today living in the Tribulation?

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, I was interviewed by host August Rosado of the BlogTalkRadio show Signs of the Times. August is a Bible prophecy teacher and preacher and founder of a ministry called Today in Bible Prophecy. He has and continues to be a personable guest on our television program Christ in Prophecy. He and I spent some time discussing prophetic trends and events that we are seeing occurring today.

Tribulation Today Prophets

Nathan Jones: One of the most frustrating things about serving in a Bible prophecy ministry is that other Bible prophecy ministries like Irvin Baxter for example continues to say that we are now living in the Tribulation. Every time something is on the news these “Tribulation Today” prophets will yell, “Ah-ha, look! Look! See, the Bible says this news event is an actual fulfillment of prophecy.”

Then you’ve got guys like Harold Camping trying to set dates, and they always fail. They too look at the news today and declare, “Well, that fulfills this prophecy and that fulfills that Bible prophecy.” Certainly, there are prophecies being fulfilled today, for instance Israel becoming a nation once again, and the people of Israel coming back to the land again. Those are tried and true fulfillments. But, to turn on the news and then say, “Oh, the Boston bombing that fulfills this verse, so therefore…” That is crazy! Unfortunately, people who aren’t very familiar with their Bible or Bible prophecy quickly believe guys like Irvin Baxter and some of the other sensationalists.

August Rosado: I’ve been warned many, many times about this Irvin Baxter guy. I was preaching at a prophecy conference in West Texas, and before I walked down the aisle to talk with the pastor after the service his wife approached me and said, “Brother Rosado, this guy over there is going head to head with my husband about something you preached. Could you please go over there and talk to him?” And so, I walked over there and I see the guy and he’s almost in the pastor’s face just blabbing away. I asked, “What’s going on here?” He looked right at me and yells, “You are deceiving the people!” I replied, “Sir, how am I deceiving the people?” He answered, “Because you said that we are not in the Tribulation yet and the Church will be raptured before the Tribulation period. You are deceiving the people. We are in the Tribulation period right now because Irvin Baxter, Jr. says we are in the Tribulation period right now.”

In response to this guy’s claim that we are living in the Tribulation, I asked, “Okay, Sir, if you can show me where the Church is mentioned in Matthew 24 or between the Tribulation judgments of Revelation 6 thru 19, if you can show me where the Church is there, right now I will believe every single word that you are telling me.” He looked at me, Nathan, and simply didn’t know what to say. He got so upset that he turned around and he stormed right out of the church.

So, it’s interesting that you mentioned that fellow Irvin Baxter, Jr., and you are right, for he says we are now living in the Tribulation period, and that’s absolutely moronic. The reason again for such wild interpretation is that it boils down to allegorizing and spiritualizing the Bible and making it read anyway you want. Frankly, I can’t understand how Christians can follow such a guy like Irvin Baxter, Jr., Harold Camping, and any other guys like him who use the news to interpret the Bible.

Nathan Jones: I think they see how bad the world has gotten and how dangerous it now is. Like you said earlier, the heart attacks are on the increase, along with crime and war. They wonder, “How can it get much worse?” Well, Brother, as you know, the Tribulation is going to be far worse, especially when the first four Seal Judgments are opened. With those we are talking about a quarter of the world dying from total world war, possibly even World War 3. Then Revelation 6 paints the terrifying picture concerning all the famine and pestilence and death that will come because of that war as food systems are no longer functioning anymore. Half of the world’s population — 3.5 billion people in today’s numbers — will die horribly just within the first year or so of the Tribulation. So, there is absolutely no way that we are living in the Tribulation right now.

August Rosado: Yes, and a Preterists would say there will be no future Tribulation period because everything prophetic was fulfilled in 70 AD. My argument to them is, if everything was fulfilled in 70 AD, and we see these prophecies like Zechariah 14:12 where it talks about men whose eyes will be consumed in their sockets and their tongues will be consumed in their mouths, what type of weapon would the Romans have 2,000 years ago that would have destroyed all life on earth as we know it like that? The Preterist claim is absolutely moronic.

Nathan Jones: Yes, it’s so unfortunate when people try to fit the Bible into their worldview, instead of letting their worldview be shaped by the Bible.

In the sixth segment of August Rosado’s and my discussion of current prophetic trends and events, we will see if Islam has a role in these last days and what wars related to them are prophesied in the Bible.

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  • Wow it just occurred to me:
    Who is going to bury 3.5 billion people and where? With all the chaos, this place is gonna stink to high heaven. Not a very nice thought!

  • I don't know where the person you spoke to about Irvin Baxter Jr. I been to his conference for years and I never heard him say today is the tribulation. Maybe the man misunderstood him. I don't know if you have been listining to Mr Baxter but before you put out something someone else has said make sure yourself that's what the person is saying. If you heard Mr Baxter say this have document or tape to back it up.


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