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The overwhelming success of the TV series, The Bible, which was featured on the History Channel in March of 2013, seems to have prompted Hollywood to wake up and take notice of the fact that there are millions of people who are interested in Bible-related movies and TV programs. The series drew the largest cable TV audience in history — more than 13 million viewers, with a cumulative total of more than 100 million.

NBC has already contracted to finance a sequel that will take the story of Christianity through the end of the book of Acts and even beyond that. It is tentatively titled, AD: Beyond the Bible.

Son of God

Son of God Movie

[official website]

20th Century Fox decided to get on the bandwagon by distributing a portion of The Bible series as a major motion picture titled, Son of God. I saw the film, and I was greatly impressed by it. Some Christian critics cut the film to pieces with arguments that were petty to the point of being silly. A great article by Nathan Jones analyzes the movie in detail.

One thing I loved about the movie, that I did not see any critic mention, was its title. Think about it. “Son of God” is a title of deity. It affirms that Jesus was who He said He was — namely, God in the flesh. That title is blasphemous to Jews and downright horrendous to Muslims, but the movie’s producers did not give in to the pressure of political correctness. Also, in the movie, Jesus states three times that He is the only way to God. Christians should be celebrating the film rather than throwing rocks at it.


Noah Movie

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The second biblical epic of the year, Noah, is a better candidate for stoning. It was about 20% Bible and 80% imagination — vivid imagination!

The first half of the film came across to me like a Sci-fi movie. It featured weird creatures called “Watchers.”They served as protectors of Noah and his family, and they helped Noah build the Ark. These creatures, who supposedly are fallen angels, were presented as modern-day Hollywood transformers who could transform themselves from a pile of rocks into 20 foot tall fiendish monsters. I guess they were based on the biblical reference to Nephilim living on the earth at the time of Noah (fallen angels who manifested themselves as giants — see Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33). What I was never able to figure out is why fallen angels would want to help Noah!

The other strange aspect of the movie was a revelation Noah made to his family. In the midst of their voyage, Noah told them he felt it was God’s will for all of them to commit suicide when they landed so that the sin of Man would never again corrupt nature! Needless to say, this insane idea caused Noah’s family to rebel against him. I suppose this concept was introduced to provide dramatic effect to offset what otherwise would be a boring cruise.

But despite all this nonsense, the film had some redeeming virtues. There was no filthy language or torrid sex scenes. It clearly differentiated good from evil. It related the reason for the Flood to the sinful rebellion of Mankind. The Flood itself was pictured as a worldwide deluge, in stark contrast to the currently popular idea that it was only a regional flood.

Some have criticized the movie for never mentioning the word, God. That criticism is invalid. God is spoken about constantly, but He is called “The Creator.” And, I liked that term of reference since we live in a time when even thinking about a Creator God is considered ridiculous.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Noah is portrayed sitting down with his family in the midst of their voyage to tell them the story of Creation. It is told just as it is related in the first chapter of Genesis.

My favorite part of the film is when Noah disguises himself and walks through the camp of his besiegers the night before the flood begins. He witnesses debauchery that simply overwhelms him and impresses upon him God’s justice in sending the flood.

But what happened next prompted me to want to stand up and shout, “Hallelujah!” Noah goes back to the Ark and shares with his wife what he saw. She is repulsed, and Noah responds by observing that the same potential for debauchery resides in the two of them and in all of Mankind. I could hardly believe what I was seeing and hearing on the screen — a Hollywood denial of the essence of Humanism. The basic religion of Satan has always been Humanism, and it is the religion of Hollywood. Humanism teaches that Man is basically good and capable of perfection. The Bible teaches that Man is basically evil and can be changed only by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Noah affirms the biblical view.

God’s Not Dead

God's Not Dead Movie

[official website]

A few days after seeing Noah, a friend called and said I needed to see a film titled, God’s Not Dead. I had not heard about it. I checked the Internet and found that it was being shown at only a handful of theaters in the Dallas area. Then a few days later, when I checked again to see the show times, I discovered it had spread to theaters all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

I went to see the movie on a Saturday morning at 11am, and the theater was packed! I quickly discovered why. It turned out to be the best Christian movie I have ever seen. It is outstanding in every respect — strong acting, excellent directing, and a compelling story that is true to God’s Word. As we say here in Texas, “I got my socks blessed off.”

That’s all I am going to say about it, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. Incidentally, this movie was funded by the Duck Dynasty.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • I agree, Son of God was a good Hollywood movie in which Jesus and His purpose in walking among us are accurately portrayed in the film.

    I also saw Noah recently. It was nonsense, and took far too much artistic license in its portrayal of fallen angels.

    The "Watchers" aspect is direct from the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Additionally, the film makers got it absolutely wrong in showing those fallen angels returning to Heaven as the Flood begins. On the contrary, they are all still locked up in the abyss until the 6th Trumpet judgment discussed in Revelation 9 during the first half of the 7to Week.

    Now I have to look for the God's Not Dead movie just because it sounds like a winner.

  • Comment related to artilce:

    Anyone care to chime in on the "Heaven is Real" upcoming movie? Meaning, more importantly, does anyone know anything about the claims in this story and does it stand up to what we are told in the Bible?

  • Comment specific to article:

    I have no issue with anyone who likes the movie "Son of God". That is their right and I have NO critisms of them. BUT in return, they should not bash anyone who doesn't share thier view of the movie. That is THEIR right. I haven't seen Son of God and don't plan to as I am perfectly satisified with "The Jesus Film" as my movie of choice about Christ.

    As for "Noah", that is a different story. The article quote "It was about 20% Bible and 80% imagination — vivid imagination!" says enough that Christian should stay away from this film. Another article quote "But despite all this nonsense, the film had some redeeming virtues." is curious to me. I'm sure there are a lot of truly rotten evil people out there (maybe that evil murdering abortion doctor was a swell guy to some people) but I wouldn't recommend associating with them.

    Boycott the "Noah" movie.

  • I have to correct a sentence in the previous post (correction captialized):

    I'm sure there are a lot of truly rotten evil people out there WITH SOME REDEEMING VIRTUES (maybe that evil murdering abortion doctor was a swell guy to some people) but I wouldn't recommend associating with them.

  • In the early 1900's there was a catholic nun (Sister Faustina) that claimed Jesus spoke to her and showed her an image of himself. He supposedly told her that if EVERYONE would worship that IMAGE He would show "Divine Mercy"

    Beginning in 1935 the Catholic Church began celebrating the Sunday after Easter as "Divine Mercy" day. Telling everyone to worship an IMAGE of Jesus that the nun had created.

    On 6 March 1959
    Pope John XXIII
    forbade circulation of the image and declared Sister Faustina's writings that promote devotion to the image of Divine Mercy as IDOLATRY.

    Beginning in 1965 Archbishop Karol Wojtyła (later named Pope John Paul II) began a campaign to reestablish worshiping this image.

    His work led to the ban against the image worship being removed. later John Paul II became Pope and in 1993 he made Sister Faustina a saint.

    This brings us to now…
    April 27th 2014 is Divine Mercy day and it is the day EVERYONE is supposed to worship this image.

    The Catholic Church has chosen Apr 27th 2014 as the day they are going to make Pope John XXIII (the guy who banned the image) and Pope John Paul II (the guy who fought so hard to bring it back)
    Both Saints.

    This is the first double canonization in the history of the Catholic Church.

    And it's going to be aired across the globe in 3D. They are gonna air the entire ceremony in theaters all around the world!!!!

    Could we possibly watch Revelation 13:15 come to pass???

    And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed

  • Anon,

    Your speculation can't be correct. The image that will be worshiped will be that of "the beast", NOT Jesus. And this will take place during the Tribulation, which are not in and the events leading to the worshiping of the beast could not possibly occur by 4-27-14.

  • I want to change my analogy in a previous comment (which was too drastic).

    One could say some of the happenings in the city of Las Vegas fall under "redeeming qualities". But they are extremely overshadowed by the vile (gambling, prostitution, etc.). Therefore I don't think it would be proper to applaud Las Vegas for having a bike-a-thon for cancer as they pedal by the legal and legitimized houses of ill repute and casinos.

    So based on that line of thought, just because "Noah" may have a few "good points" it should be avoided by Christians. Don't give any of your money to the makers of this movie. Give your money to Christian ministry instead.

  • I saw Noah and was grieved. Apparently the author of this article has thicker skin and sees more of the bible in it than I did. What was true: Noah, the Ark, the flood, the dove. The lies: Number of people and who was on the ark. The Green aspect was depicted as a greater sin, then man's sin toward each other and God through their live style & disobedience. The length of time the flood lasted, as the girl came to full term and birthed. The mystical magical Methuselah. Noah being a mean and ungodly man taken by his own thoughts. The over all black magic of the movie from the earth to the people. The Watchers being Rock. Oh PALEEZE.
    As for calling by His name "God" even back in Noah's day God was called God by those who knew Him, and was distinguished as such, and was not some mystical Rock, moon, tree or bird and not just "A" or The creator.

  • Billy, concerning the Heaven is Real movie, a number of verses would indicate that there is no back-from-the-dead experiences outside God's planned resurrections of the dead (Deut. 30:12; Prov. 30:4; Jn. 3:12; Acts 2:34; Rom. 10:6; Eph. 4:9). Therefore, I'm skeptical about anyone's claim that they experienced Heaven or Hell. Especially Hell, as nobody is there yet since they're all in Hades awaiting the Great White Throne Judgment.

  • Very disappointed by this article. I would have expected more of a black or white stance from LLM…ugh. Please do not begin to 'cave' into the "coexist" PC pressure…please! My husband and I did see the movie – up to the Lazarus scene, which, btw, came soon after the scene where Downey's jesus (small 'j' intended) picked up a rock, taking aim at the women…sigh…before saying something like If you haven't sinned, come and take this rock from me and throw it at this woman…WHA?!? We walked out. Others were doing the same. One man said, as I walked past him, "I don't blame you." Please remain hot or cold. We all know how God feels about lukewarm.
    Saw "Final.." was very disappointed. It was too disjointed. Will look for a better and a more succinct Rapture movie to show to our church. I wasn't convinced that any of the people left behind were really that terrified. And why would someone be starving right after the Rapture occurred? It just didn't come together or make much sense.
    Sorry. Thems be me feelins' about it.

  • …i agree becky…we are not called to be lukewarm…we are not of this world.
    …so why Lamb & Lion Ministries are you defending hollywood garbage. You are teachers and leaders…called to a higher standard in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    …no compromise…stand firm in God's Word of Noah…hope you rethink your endorsement of Noah!

  • Becky,

    Thanks for posting. Those of us who haven't seen the movie need to know the "rest of the story" (like the Jesus with the rock part). It will help us make an informed decision about this movie.

    Bill O'Reilly (not the most sound person Biblically) but nonetheless said one thing I agreed with on one of his shows. He said (it may have been defending those having probably with Christian movies) he said Christians want Biblical movies to be fundamentally sound and accurrate. It has to be true to The Word. That is what we demand.

  • I have seen "Son of God", but not the other two. I agree with Dr. Reagan. Based on the fact that Bible believing Christians "should" already know the truth, I am happy to hear the non-believing audience hearing the things he mentioned in his critique. Just maybe there is an unsaved
    (Pray MANY ) soul that these movies may plant a seed. You never know the opportunity that may help or lead someone to The Lord. Evangelism should be the focus of us all, not arguing amongst ourselves, while the rapture grows closer. Keep looking up.

  • Anonymous,

    Nice thought but remember President B.O. (as in "he stinks") claims to be a Christian and talks about Jesus but we all know better. B.O. (as in "p.u.") actually doesn't know Jesus as we know Jesus. B.O. is openly hostile to Christians and Israel; covers crosses when he speaks in churches; slips up and says "My muslim faith"; is sympatheic to islam; is for the decriminalization of drugs; is pro-gay marriage; etc.

    So I ask you, would you want President B.O. to be a source for people to learn about our Lord? I wouldn't. Likewise, I don't think Hollyweird is a good source for people to seek the Lord either.

  • Any Christian who says Son of God was a great movie or that the series The Bible was great have lost touch with Biblical truth and Biblical reality. They were both as bad as the movie Noah; I'm very disappointed with Lamb and Lion Ministries, which is one of the reasons why I have quit listening to them.

  • I saw the Noah movie. If one is willing to suspend Gen 6, it's not a bad movie. Other than that, it was pretty stupid and I lol at how the producer makes you hate Noah for what he did to his family during the boat ride.

    Not a movie I would see again in theater, or buy on DVD, or rent from redbox, or watch on Netflix or on a premium channel.

    /there have been worse biblical movies….the seventh sign (1988) is one of them.

  • The Word is the power, the truth, the light,of our Lord God!
    We by faith follow the word, the power of the word and have that light to lead us. By faith and faith alone we are saved. If anyone, any religion, any speaker, anything at any time says differently then run and not walk away.
    1 Corinthians 15, 1-4. If you read these few verses and have complete faith, faith in the Heart and soul then you are saved. Everything else written by Paul will be clearer.

    Remember Paul was chosen by the RISEN LORD CHRIST JESUS!

  • Tam
    I saw Son of God. What I know and will stick with is what the bible says… I do know the producers decided to take out satan because they said "he was getting to much attention because he looked like Obama." If you take or leave anything out of what is the truth, then guess what, you are altering the Word of God…… Tell it all, If your going to tell it. As far as Noah, if it lacking truth, turned the truth around to, lets say please people, then again guess what, you have not told the truth. Don't care to see it. Please people, read your bible, in it is the truth only!!!!! God wants us to know the truth. I will not except nothing but the truth. Because man will continue to please his flesh there will be lies. I will back everything up with the Word of God which is the truth.

  • Now networks are bandwagoning. Just read an article on FOX News that FOX, CNN and OWN (is that Oprah?) plan programs on Jesus, including his "less known" early years.

    We really don't know a lot about his early years (probably most well known story would be being left at the temple) but other than that not much.

    Can you imagine how the liberal secular humanist Hollyweird networks are going to portray Jesus in these programs?

    Stick with The Word.


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