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2016 Election

Many people have called or emailed me expressing their despair over the prospect of having to choose in November between the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I share their despair. To me, that would be a choice between Jezebel and a Clown.

I am particularly turned off by Donald Trump since he loudly proclaims to be a Christian. And yet, he has a mouth like a sewer, and he is in the casino business. Also, he attacks his opponents and anyone else he dislikes with vicious, demagogic rhetoric.

Max Lucado, a well known Christian writer and pastor recently denounced Trump for his off-the-wall slanderous statements. Here’s how he put it: “If he’s going to call himself a Christian one day and call someone a bimbo the next or make fun of somebody’s menstrual cycle, it’s just beyond reason to me.”

I keep telling people to wait and see. God is in charge, and many unexpected things can happen. Do you remember when Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary in 1968? His victory gave his campaign a great boost. But then, a few hours later he was dead.

The same thing could happen to Donald Trump, considering the hatred he has conjured up through his reckless attacks on both individuals and groups. Consider how his campaign rallies are already being assaulted by irresponsible and radical rioters.

And, of course another thing that could happen to Donald Trump is that he could shoot himself in the foot through one of his outrageous statements. It’s really amazing that has not already happened.

Hillary Clinton could be indicted, producing an open convention that could end up choosing between Joe Biden, Al Gore and a host of other persons who might be drafted. The same scenario could occur on the Republican side should Trump fall short of the needed delegates.

And either of the major candidates could come down with a serious illness.

So, in the meantime, Christians need to pray for the Lord to have mercy on our nation by providing us a choice in November that will include a decent and honest person.

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We, of course, do not deserve such a person. As a nation we have turned our back on Jesus and have thumbed our nose at God the Father and His Word.

The Bible reveals that one of the judgments God will put on a rebellious people is to give them the kind of leaders they deserve. Obama has been such a curse. But keep in mind that Judah’s worst king, Manasseh, was followed by one of the nation’s finest kings, Josiah. With a God of love, there is always hope, especially if His faithful people are praying.

But if we end up with a choice between Hillary and Trump, Christians will have to decide on their own what to do. I suspect most will end up voting for the person they consider to be the lesser evil. As for me, I could not vote for either one. I would most likely write-in the name of Franklin Graham.

But that would be my choice, and I certainly would not condemn those, like my good friend Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, who have already decided that they would cast their vote for Trump.

May the Lord have mercy on us!

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Writing in Franklin Graham would be the same as not voting at all. It would give the election to Hillary Clinton. Christians who stay home and don’t vote are still responsible for voting for the wrong person, whether they know it or not. Something to think about: VOTE for the person who wants to help America, not the one who is trying to destroy us. Then PRAY for the one you vote for, that God would use him to Help America.

  • First I am not voting for the pastor of my church, if I were Trump would not be my choice. Lying Ted Cruz is a Dominionist and a naturalized citizen but lies and claims to be a constitutional natural-born citizen. He also has hired the sleaziest campaign manager in the business. None of these are the mark of the holier-than-thou he claims to be. I also hate the way he panders to we Christians like we are just a bunch of sheep. America needs someone who is not afraid to be a street fighter and non-politically correct like Trump. Plus the corrupt RNC hates him and that is a big plus for me!

    • That’s the Trump propaganda talking. What exactly has Ted Cruz lied about? And, he’s not a Dominionist, but a Postmillennialist. We’ve interviewed Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father, on “Christ in Prophecy” to discuss the Christian’s liberty to vote in the United States. A good article on what it means when Ted Cruz is labeled a Dominionist is available here. Cruz is also an American citizen by law, otherwise the courts would have already illegitimized his candidacy.

      • Thank you Nathan for responding on this issue. My heart is heavy tonight! So very disappointed!

      • Agree, Nathan. I’m rather tired of the “Cruz lies” accusations. Facts please!

    • So Trump says…You’re believing the Trump’s lies. Also, if Ted was not eligible to be a presidential candidate, the courts would have discounted him.

  • i feel that way too, just not voting because i don’t care for either, and trump has gotten rid of some good men who would have been great presidents on the republicans side, but i really think trump will be better than hillary or any democrat, she is evil in my mind, and they are so liberal, it is because of the democrats and obama that has caused so much division in this country, and the acceptance of perversions in this country, not to mention they are one of the causes of wanting to remove our GOD from usa, and killing babies, so i think of all this and have to choose to vote for the republican.

  • I assume you, like me, voted for Romney. A non-Christian by his confession of Mormonism. Understood, like Nebuchadnezzar and Darius, God could use pagan leaders to be a force for good when needed in history. From someone who is dropping out of conventional health care because of affordability (personal reason), and the fact that the Democratic platform essentially endorsed everything that God has personally called detestable (spiritual reason), a non-vote is a vote for Hillary who will gladly further everything that Obama started. Look and observe where the true evil lies with the observable practices the Democrats are doing right now. I don’t think it is Trump’s sworn personal agenda to remove all mention of God and Jesus from every public square, school, military, etc. He may like Darius mentioned above, and get off of our backs so that our current generation of children can OPENLY go about God’s business like we used to be able to do. If you are convinced in your heart you are right on this, ok. But don’t use your influence to encourage others to vote for Mickey Mouse or Daffy this November. Conscientious objectors are usually not complimented in God’s Word. Remember the lukewarm being associated with vomit. Grow up and vote, how much longer will we be able to.

  • Dr Adrian Roger’s 4/17 and 4/24 messages were about Citizenship, and how American Christians must choose their candidates. A highly moral individual is characteristic #1. That deletes Trump from the list immediately. The fact is- if we choose our leaders the way the Bible mandates, God will be pleased, and most definitely will work through that person to prosper the nation. A country can’t prosper through man’s flawed choices. His vote would be based on his own selfish ambitions. Both Hillary and Trump are ungodly, narcissistic individuals. Neither one possesses any sort of humility and fear of the Lord. I cannot vote for either. God would not expect me to vote for an individual that he couldn’t possibly approve of.

  • When someone says that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils (Donald or Hilary), my response is: to what end??! It makes as much as sense as favoring a man who beats his wife only once in a while rather than all the time. More importantly, neither of these front runners lead lives that meet the definition of a solid Conservative or for that matter a nominal Christian. Folks, wake up! We’re selecting an individual for the highest office in the land! God can and will honor our choices IF we elect the kind of person He can work in and through. And its high time we recognize that we dishonor God when we excuse evil based on degree!

  • Although it saddens me the choice we will probably have in November. To not vote or to write in a name is the same as voting. No vote gives the opposition a vote. I for one will never vote for abortion supporters. Therefore I will cast my vote for the lesser evil.

    • You can always write Ted Cruz name on the ballot. I suspect a phenomenal number of voters will.

      • Voting for any person other than one of the candidates will be a vote thrown away and for the opposition. Please do not write in anyone’s name.

  • Like Dr. Reagan, I support neither Trump nor Clinton and was considering not voting for either. But after reading Sharon’s comments above, I am rethinking this. I especially love what she said about voting for the one who wants to help America and praying that God would help him do just that.

  • If the timing of the rapture is imminent p, then that would mean either would be President (assuming it’s after inaguration). Let’s also assume that neither are taken up. Which of the two would you think would most likely acquiesce to the Anti-Christ?

  • Having read the previous article on the Prostitute that rides the beast, I am surprised to see such opposition to Trump. That harlot spoken of are church members who go along with the New World Order. Trump is the only candidate who has taken a firm stance against this global mystery of iniquity that will turn around and persecute us. Redistribution of wealth (aka communism) and corporate elitism is plainly apparent in trade deals such as: NAFTA and TPP. One chapter in Revelation is all about trade and how Mystery Babylon buys goods from all over the world. The whole world mourns when “Babylon” is destroyed because they are their bread and butter. We need to pray for discernment and understanding. Like him or not, he has courage enough to battle this giant. It is true, however, that we need to pray for his salvation in Jesus and for the Lord to guide him unto all godliness. An absent vote is a vote for NWO and Babylon the Great.

  • I immediately regretted writing that an absent vote is a vote for NWO. We see through a glass darkly and therefore we should carefully consider all things, yet not judge before the time. Especially not divide the Church apart from the Gospel and the truths that are rooted in it. Nonetheless, let us consider Rev 18, and God’s command to come out of her my people, and not play the harlot with this global system. We once influenced the world with missionaries, now we trade with, give money to, and support countries and leaders who actively suppress and persecute Christians (and Jews) and murder and oppress their fellow citizens and we don’t bat an eye. How can this happen? Are cheaper products more important to us than righteousness?

  • Dear Dr. R., Nathan & all: Let’s keep our perspective. Dr. Reagan has taught for several years just how close the End Times really are. As such, regardless of the fact that I had ancestors at the 1st Republican convention (1856 – Sen Fremont – you can win trivia that its not Abe), and being a life-long GOPer:, THE ONLY PERSON WHO WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT WILL BE THE ONE THAT GOD WANTS TO BE IN AND SERVES HIS GREATER END-TIMES PURPOSES. Whether or not it is a person we prefer, He/She will serve G0D’s purposes whether or not that person even realizes it!

  • I am wondering if there is a possibility that God may choose to use Donald Trump in a similar way as He did Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, or Darius? These were not godly men nor did they possess a love, initially for God’s people. Yet, God’s purpose was fulfilled in all these men. If we choose to believe that God is finished with this nation, then there remains no hope for any turning back to civility. But, if God is listening to the prayers of His people for mercy and grace for our nation, our nation’s leaders, and our government, then who’s to say it would be impossible for God to work through someone like Mr. Trump? Is it possible in the days to come for Mr. Trump to begin to change his ways and his methods now that he seems to have the ear of many people? I would like to suggest that we let God be God in this situation and believe that our many prayers might be answered. I believe that we should have faith in our prayers to have an effect. Who knows what the result might be if God could or would work in this manner of hope? Now then, if the Father might have scheduled our Rapture for a short time from today, then time would certainly not be in favor for this plan. But if God, in His deep mercy would choose to delay His command to His Son for our deliverance, we might hope for one more opportunity for this nation to recover before the sure judgment that is due. With God, all things are possible.

    • I believe that God is using Donald Trump, and I am going to pray for him and his family. It is amazing to see how the “dogs” of hell are coming after Donald from every direction. We need to remember that Peter denied Jesus three times, Paul was a murderer, and King David was a murderer and adulterer; yet he still used them and loved them.

  • I have not voted for many years and have had a mental block regarding politics. However, when I heard Franklin Graham encouraging Christians to vote, it touched me deeply. Could it be, at least in part, because of a lot of people like me not voting, that we are in this situation today? I have been trying hard to look at the issues and what each candidate says and have come to the conclusion that this must be the most horrible campaigning year ever! After looking at all sides as best I can, there seems to be no one left to vote for. Should I vote for the lesser of evils? What would Jesus do? Wouldn’t I still be voting for evil? We should all be praying every day that something will happen to give us a much better choice.

  • Hilliary does not think she is helping this country. She only wants to help herself! As far as Donald Trump, I know he is far from perfect, but so am I. Why do Christians think that there is going to be some perfect person for president? We are electing a President, not a Preacher. God can use anyone. That doesn’t mean that the person he uses is perfect. He uses people for his glory.

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