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God and the Weather

Does God punish nations today with weather?

Last week on our television program Christ in Prophecy, I began sharing a message with you titled, “God, Judgment and the Weather.” In that message I looked in-depth at what the Bible has to say about God and the weather.

I pointed out that God has always spoken through signs of nature, and that throughout history God has used signs of nature in two primary ways. First, God has used signs of nature to emphasize the importance of great events, as He did, for example, when He put a special light in the heavens when Jesus was born, or when He caused an earthquake and three hours of darkness when Jesus was crucified.

I then pointed out that God uses signs of nature more frequently in another way. Now more often, God uses signs of nature as remedial judgments to call nations to repentance.

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Both the Bible and history attest to the fact that God has a pattern for working with nations. First of all, the Bible teaches beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is the one that raises up nations, and He is the one who sets their boundaries, and He is the one who gives them purpose. And, when a nation begins to rebel against Him, the first thing God will do is raise up prophetic voices to call the nation to repentance.

When I say prophetic voices, I’m not talking about people with supernatural knowledge about the future. I’m talking about the gift of prophecy as it operates today, where God gives to certain individuals the supernatural ability to take the Word of God and apply it to contemporary events. When you find a person who can take the Word of God and preach about abortion or the national debt or same sex-marriage — that’s the gift of prophecy. There are people who have that gift, and so, God raises up these prophetic voices to call a nation to repentance.

These are the people who look at the Word of God and then declare that the nation is in violation of God’s moral law. They know from the Word of God what’s going to happen, not because they have supernatural knowledge of the future, but because they know that God deals with nations according to a certain pattern. He will deal with a nation when it doesn’t repent. So, people with the gift of prophecy today call nations to repentance.

If the nation refuses to repent, then God sends remedial judgments. He will send one after another after another. These judgments can take many forms. It can be economic calamity. It can be a military defeat. It can be a weather phenomena. God will send remedial judgments in any of those ways.

Finally, if the nation sets its jaw against God and refuses to repent, God will then deliver the nation from judgment to destruction. The Bible over and over uses a very special term when it says that God judges when “the wound becomes incurable.” That term is used by nearly all of the prophets. When the wound becomes incurable, that’s when God moves a nation from judgment to destruction.

I proceeded to give many biblical examples of God using natural calamities as remedial judgments to call nations to repentance. I then shifted to our own nation as an example of God responding to rebellion with remedial judgments.

The 9/11 Judgment

Our own nation is a good example of what I’m talking about. We have been blessed like no other nation that has ever existed, except for the nation of Judah. Only America has been blessed by God like Judah was. And yet, in the 1960’s, this nation began to thumb its nose at God. A cultural revolution was launched, and very quickly we descended into a cesspool of sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, abortion on demand, legalized gambling, rampant blasphemy, and a flood of pornography. The lifestyle of hedonism swept across our nation and we ended up calling good evil and evil good.

God responded by raising up prophetic voices to call this nation to repentance. One of the most important was the voice of Dave Wilkerson, the pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. In the early 70’s, Wilkerson began to speak out very forcibly about the sins of this nation and warned that if we did not repent God was going to send judgment after judgment after judgment. He didn’t have any supernatural knowledge of the future, he just knew the Word of God. He knew that when a nation was blessed like ours and rebelled against God that God was going to place judgments upon it.

When we ignored the prophetic voices, God responded by sending remedial judgments like the Vietnam War, like the AIDS epidemic, like the plague of sexually transmitted diseases, and like the outbreak of homosexuality. God also inflicted our nation with natural disasters such as quakes, floods, tornadoes, and even an incredible volcanic eruption.

All of these judgments culminated, I believe, in the attacks of 9/11. I believe 9/11 was God’s major wake up call to this nation to repent of its immorality.

Have you ever stopped to think that the United States is a far greater threat to the world than the Soviet Union had ever been because we are the moral polluters of planet earth? Everywhere on this planet, when you turn on the TV set, you’re going to see the most immoral and the most violent American movies and American television shows. We are the moral polluter of planet earth, and God is going to hold us responsible for it!

I don’t think it was any accident that on 9/11 what was attacked were two symbols of American pride. What is it that America takes pride in? The two symbols of money and power were attacked. God sent us a wake up call and, unfortunately, we are like the guy who is very sleepy and when the alarm goes off we just rolled over and hit the snooze alarm. Soon after 9/11, we went right back to sleep spiritually.

The Israel Factor

On this week’s episode of Christ in Prophecy, I want to focus on a new factor that I believe is producing remedial judgments upon this country. It is our mistreatment of Israel which began in the early 1990’s. We as a nation have failed to realize that since 1991 many of the judgments that we have experienced have been related to our mistreatment of the nation of Israel.

The Bible says two very important things about this. Genesis 12:3 states, “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.” That is part of the Abrahamic Covenant, an eternal covenant that God made with Abraham. I’m going to bless those who bless the Jews and I’m going to curse those who curse the Jews. In Zechariah 2:8 we learn, “For the Lord said, ‘He who touches Israel touches the apple of my eye.'” Those are very serious statements and history attests to the truth of it.

Weather’s Message

I believe the message of God using weather as a judgment is that God is on His throne. God is in control. He cannot be mocked. He will not tolerate the division of His Holy Land, nor will He tolerate gross immorality that mocks everything that is moral and decent.

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God loves our nation. He has blessed us more then any other nation. But, the Word of God says to those to whom much is given, much is expected. The Word of God also says He disciplines those whom He loves.

Another point God’s Word makes clear is that when He sends discipline, the fundamental purpose is never to punish. His fundamental purpose is to call us to repentance so that we might be saved. Here is the way Isaiah puts it in Isaiah 26:9, “When the earth experiences your judgments, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.”

Lincoln Understood

No public official in our history has yet to see the spiritual implications of a disaster as clearly as did Abraham Lincoln when he evaluated the cause of the Civil War. In a proclamation which he issued on March 30, 1863, the President called for a National Day of Prayer and Repentance. Lincoln made this comment, “Insomuch as we know that by His divine law nations, like individuals, are subjected to punishment and chastisements in this world. May we not justly fear that the awful calamity of Civil War which now desolates the land may be but a punishment inflicted upon us for our presumptuous sins to the needful end of our national reformation as a people.”

Lincoln continued by saying, “We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown.” But, Lincoln added, “We have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied, enriched, and strengthened us.” Listen to this, “We have vainly imagined in the deceitfulness of our hearts that all our blessings were produced by our superior wisdom and virtue.”

President Lincoln then ended with these words. “Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to fill the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to God who made us. It behooves us to then humble ourselves before the Offended Power to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.”

That’s the kind of proclamation we need today! The sad thing is, we have become so secular and so pagan that if our President were to issue such a proclamation today, I have no doubt that someone in Congress would issue an indictment of impeachment for the violation of Separation of Church and State.

We as a nation have set our jaw against God. We are tempting Him to move us from judgment to destruction.

Our God is merciful. He is patiently sending us one wakeup call after another. He never pours out His wrath without warning.

I want to call our nation to prayer. Pray that our eyes will be opened. Pray that our hearts will be melted. Pray for a national revival. Pray, too, for the hearts of our leaders to be open to the significance of Israel in Bible prophecy.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • It is interesting that the historic flood in Louisiana this past weekend coincides with the 10th of Av anniversary of the Gaza Strip being handed over in 2005. Many Jews were forced out and their homes bulldozed.

    • Yes! That was one of the most deplorable acts I’ve seen done, and it’s a pitiful shame that our country had anything to do with it. It’s still coming back to haunt this nation & we really do need to spread the word to fast & pray for repentance & mercy. I try to tell as many as possible to pray (like the prayer David Reagan mentioned in his article). I hope Christians take this seriously.

  • Please accept my comment in the spirit of goodwill and friendship. The secular for-profit media that controls the distribution of news/sports and weather info is deeply dependent upon the “free access” to digital pictures and videos that sensationalize weather events and play them incessantly. As a believer, with a science based degree (EET), along with years of experience in a NIST certified R&D laboratory, the “global warming” crowd are operating with severely manipulated statistics and failed theories. I have other pertinent info regarding weather instrumentation and prophecy. A device has been held up by the USPTO for over 5 years that could help persons avoid personal injury and death by these killer storms. The particular USPTO examiner is assumed to be a muslim, given his name is Mohamed? Is that a coincidence? He argues that the wind is inherently magnetic, not a function of air pressure differential? If anyone is interested further, specific info can be provided. Either way, the LORD is the source of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Praise the LORD.

  • It’s an interesting article. We are in an age of Grace. I believe that the Lord is NOT sending judgement upon any nation or individual in this present day.

    Jesus took all of the Fathers wrath, anger, and judgement for all individuals and all nations for all time; however, when individuals and nations turn away from God, evil occurrences can become the norm.

    It’s similar to a child walking across a busy street and not looking both ways and subsequently being struck by a car. Although the parents of the child may have provided that child with instructions to look both ways before crossing the busy street, it’s NOT the parents that have brought injury, pain, and/or possible death….it’s the child fault for not adhering to the parents instructions.

    With us, (humans) it’s not following the word of God & not being lead by his Spirit that brings about mishaps, illnesses, injuries, or even death!

    The Lord came not to destroy men but to SAVE men! Luke 9:56

    • Critical Issues commentary has an interesting article “Calamities and God’s Judgment”. In summary, in the Bible when God judged a nation, like with natural disasters, it was always forewarned by a prophet, and secondly the righteous were spared. Neither of these apply today and it leaves us “guessing” what may or may not be from God when He has given us all we need in the Bible. Romans 1 and birthing pains do apply….

  • David has been warning Americans for several years that the USA is operating under divine judgment and headed for possible destruction. This article serves as another important reminder to us that this country is paying the steep price for having straight-armed the Lord away from our society. Things are worsening inside America and weather patterns serve as a clear barometer of how far this country has fallen from God’s graces.

  • Do the Jews consider why they experienced a holocaust during the 20th century (1940’s)?
    Could it be that it was a delayed judgment for the Gentile holocaust they themselves inflicted as recorded in the Book of Esther? Or could it be a judgment for celebrating this event?
    The Jewish holiday of PURIM (a man made holiday not instituted by YAHH/JAH) is held in honor of how the Jews trusted Mordecai instead of YAHH, trusting in preemptive bloodshed instead of YAHH’s deliverance. They forget, “Stand still and see the salvation of GOD!!” as Moses exclaimed when the Egyptian chariots were pressing in upon them at the Red Sea.

  • Until the day of his return, God is allowing Satan to rule over this world, therefore it is the evil one that is causing the destruction of society and of this earth, not God. The Antichrist is reigning right now and will shortly reveal himself to the world and proclaim that he is God. With him, he brings a Satanic technology that very few are aware of. One of them is called, H.A.A.R.P which is weather modification and can cause floods, droughts, guide hurricanes and tornados and cause earthquakes. Haiti is one example. God is not a destroyer. Satan is. By the way, I am a whistleblower and am being widely discredited. Most of us are silenced, imprisoned, tortured with the technology and deemed mentally ill so that others do not believe. “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.”-2 Thessalonians 2:9 The Antichrist will use H.A.AR.P technology to fool the world and cause lightning and thunder from the sky. It will be technology, but people will think that the Antichrist caused it on his own with supernatural powers. He will be worshipped.

  • Another excellent article by Dr. Reagan! I’m so grateful that L&L is one of the biblically sound organizations today that’s obedient to God’s Word. Yes, blessed be the name of the Lord – He is a just God who always warns before punishment / destruction. Maranatha!

  • So many interesting comments. I enjoy hearing Dr. Reagan teach. He brought out some facts that I never knew. Many having to do with how our gov’t. has forced Israel into giving away land. I never knew any of this and that most all of our presidents are clueless on Bible prophecy. I did know that God uses natural things , like all the plagues in Egypt, pharaoh finally let them go!!!! There referred to as calamities , which I would say with all the stats that Dr. Reagan put up are beyond coincidence . God told us that what we believe would be foolish to the natural man. I must buy the 2 DVD’s on offer for this. Thank you so much and God bless you and the ministry abundantly in Jesus name I ask. amen

    • I am so glad to receive sound biblical doctrine. So many churches are lukewarm, they are not preaching the prophecy along with the scriptures of past history and applying whats happening in our daily world.

  • Why does God bring wrath and destruction on a nation for what SOME individuals believe and do? Why punish everyone in the nation for what some people do that are evil? For one example that God is angry about–most Americans, according to almost every poll, are against abortion, Many/most Americans are anti porn, drugs, etc. Every day there are people suffering through “natural” disasters. Floods in Louisiana making thousands miserable and homeless—just ONE of the many disasters humans are dealing with today in one place, others disasters all over the earth. Why would God set up a world filled with earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, droughts, diseases, poison snakes, spiders, thousands of diseases, etc? Most people who have ever lived or are living now have never had decent shelters/homes, food, water, etc. A loving father would never treat his children/creation like that.

    • A loving Father also disciplines for correction. God doesn’t just judge on an individual level, but on a national level as well. Look at the prophets, especially Jeremiah and Daniel. They were righteous men, but they were swept along in the national judgment God handed down to Judah.

      • Yes Nathan: God even told Jeremiah to stop praying for Judah, because he would not hear them. Jeremiah 7:16. There isn’t much hope without the blessings of God to heal our nation. I have tried to talk with people about the state of things, some believe, some don’t. It seems as though man has to actually experience devesdation before he will start looking at his behavior and regrets.

      • That’s what bothers us the most, the fact that a lot of people are trying to please God and speak to others about his word, and about the judgment we are under, but many cannot discern the truth without the Holy Spirit that only Jesus can bless us with. So we are swept along in the judgment.

    • Let us not forget that everything WAS perfect before the fall in the Garden of Eden – it was sin that ushered in the sufferings we experience as humans today

    • We certainly can’t say that God doesn’t explain himself in his word. Psalm 2:1-2 “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed,” Jesus. Its rejection of God and his blessings.

      There is no denying Psalm 2:3 God who sits in the Heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall have them in derision, then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.”

      Proverbs 1:24-31 I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded. But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof.

      Man has the word of God but doesn’t know it, read it, or understand it. We have to seek God to know him and his will.

      Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee,

  • Amen! to your article Dr. Reagan! Thank you for your voice in teaching us and making us aware of the signs of the times and how important it is to reach others with the Gospel since the time is short. I have so felt in light of the United States’s decisions, first the legalizing of abortion, then legalizing of same-sex marriage; that God patience with our nation has ran out and we being judged with an anti-God anti-Israel president such as Obama! Thank God for the rapture because our country and our world is so close to the judgement since we can see what is happening to the “fig tree”. Thank you again for your ministry!

  • So if we get sunshine today is God pleased, and storm tomorrow not? That would contradict that He causes it to sun and rain on who are evil and good. The Bible is clear on what displeases God (sin), and pleases (His son on the cross), so I wonder why we need to look externally (like other groups of people) for whether or not He feels a certain way towards us? I also don’t understand how I can “repent” for my nation, when acceptance of Jesus blood shed to cover ones sins is an individual decision.

    • Isaiah 5:5’s context may be purely Israel, but the fact that judgment comes on nations that turn away from the Lord in order to bring them back to repentance is certainly applicable to all nations, even today. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and God will curse those who curse Israel (Gen. 12:1-7 and 13:14-18). The Bible also says that he who touches Israel touches “the apple of God’s eye” (Zech. 2:8).

      During the Tribulation, for example, there will be Tribulation Saints, but they will live through 19 of the 21 judgments just like the rest of the world as God judges the Antichrist’s kingdom.

      • I cannot find in the Bible how to know or measure the parameters of if, when, how, (etc) God judges prior to the Tribulation or judgment throne, so will leave “the secret things belong to the Lord” “who can know the mind of God”.

        The Tribulation does not apply to current speculation, because the Bible is clear what that is. I also wonder How might an unbeliever be helped by a believer speculating that an event was God’s judgment. We do not need to speculate when we know the judgment they will face when they stand before the throne of God unless they repent and accept Jesus. We can be clear about what is important- the gospel which has the power to save.

      • And we also don’t need Christians explaining away God’s judgment as nothing either. If God is calling people to repent, and He always is, then we need to help them find their Savior, not ignore His call.

  • The tribulation is actually an example of both my initial points –
    a) God sparing the righteous – the Rapture of the church. Yes people will come to the faith, but they missed the boat, so to speak.
    b) Judgment forewarned through prophecy – On the note of blessings and curses, who can define? (Often people do so materially/earthly – a person gets a disease and dies, but now they are without sin and with the Lord, a person gets tons of Earthly material things, etc). We, as believers, have our blessing in Christ, and are not cursed as that was finished on the cross.

    Ok, I’m off. Too much thinking for me today. distracting. Thank you for allowing different input…

  • I agree that God uses natural calamities and weather phenomena as judgments.

    A question I have is — these are such broadbrush events that many people who are not involved in sinful lifestyles and who are also praying, Bible reading, God loving, Israel loving Christians are also caught up in the judgments. Seems to me God could be a little bit more particular in dispensing punishment, judgments, etc. God will get His glory one way or another. Still, seems pretty unfair that so many experience difficulties in these events that are not clear “sinners” sinning in a way directly connected to what God might be judging about.

    Lots of questions on these issues.

  • We have relatives in Hammond Louisiana who were talking about this epic flooding. They were getting around their neighborhoods in canoes and small boats. They have never seen anything like this. I wonder if most people realize that when a nation has a serious injury and its sins are too numerous to heal… ( God will not listen to their prayers.) Nahum 3:19. Your wound is incurable. It is sad to think we have reached this point in time. The weather has been very severe and epic all over the world with hurricanes, volcanoes, tsnunamies, and flooding, fires, and tornadoes. I don’t know if revival is possible.

  • I just read that there is now some mystery ‘black slime’ / bacteria that’s starting to cover the memorials and monuments in Washington D.C.

  • Why are atheist so abundantly blessed? So many live in high-rises that are never flooded, they drive luxury cars without the burden of payment, they arrogantly argue the existence of God via social media with no consequence.

    So many disconnected from God are never affected by weather, why?

    • Yes, I know exactly what you are saying! That’s when I turn to Psalm 73 – “When I thought how to understand this, it was too painful for me; until I went into the sanctuary of God, then I understood their end.. ”

      This world and all that is in it is temporary. Our eyes and hearts shall be on the eternal things of God! 🙂

  • I really appreciate the guidance for scripture from Dr. Reagan and Nathan Jones. I totally agree with this article God and the Weather. God IS using weather as judgment on us. People may finally look to the Lord for answers and spiritual hope, also turn anger into humility. I have always loved Israel even as a child, there was special meaning in the scriptures for me, and the characters in the books of the bible. My grandmother always read bible stories to me. The story of Ruth and her triumph over false Gods, and met the true God of Israel through a Hebrew slave, also the story of Samson, a Nazarite, with great strength, who often used poor judgment, and sinned terribly, but accomplished much when he determined to be set apart for God. In this way he was like the nation of Israel, As long as the Israelites remained set apart for God, the nation thrived. But they fell into terrible sin when they ignored God. It is vital that parents and grandparents read these bible stories to their children and especially John 1 the story of the Christ, the Word…the Son of God.

      • Thanks Nathan: I love it that we can comment on the scriptures and events in our world, the truth lives here, how wonderful and refreshing to talk about things that really matter to most people who care about whats happening and taking place in the world. The nastiness of politics and corruption has become a heavy burden to most of us.

  • All of the true believers in Christ can see that the signs in our world are prophetic, no one can ignore them, they are more frequent, and more disastrous. The Lord is trying to get our attention, he shaking this earth.

  • God is sending man so many signs, especially the weather, what a pity that a lot of people don’t read the bible, it is God’s word and guidance for mankind.

  • Republican politicians all over the country have repeated the Great Replacement theory
    A century-old racist theory reentered the political discourse around immigration and has become commonplace on the campaign trail as Republicans hope to retake control of Congress in November.


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