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The Future of America: Aborting Our Tomorrow

Interview 50

Is America today under the judgment of God?

That question and related others are being asked more and more frequently these days as the United States shakes its fist at God and rebels against His Word. The 412 Church senior pastor and host of the Hope For Our Times video program, Tom Hughes, has written an insightful book titled America’s Coming Judgment: Where is Our Hope? in response to this crucial question. We were blessed on Christ in Prophecy to have Pastor Tom as our guest on our television program to discuss this vital topic.

Aborting Our Tomorrow

Dr. Reagan: Tom, you assert in your book America’s Coming Judgment: Where is Our Hope? that America today is under the judgment of God. Why do you believe that?

Tom Hughes: I understand this topic can be somewhat subjective when taken apart from biblical truth. When we apply biblical principles to subjects related to national sin, say like our nation’s rabid acceptance of the abortion of our own unborn children, the Bible warns that we will eventually experience all of the repercussions that result from our national sin: the breakdown of the family, the withering of our economy, and societal upheavals. Today we are experiencing all sorts of repercussions that naturally derive from sin. We have brought judgment down upon ourselves by our own sinful actions. We’re unwittingly punishing ourselves.

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Much of what I put in my book concerning national judgment is really founded upon Old Testament principles concerning national sin.

Dr. Reagan: You mentioned a point that most people don’t understand. You said abortion has an impact upon the economy. We’ve killed, what? 60 million babies, babies who could be producing today and paying taxes and keeping social security from going broke.

Tom Hughes: Yes, in murdering our future generations we have also crippled our economy. Start observing how abortion relates to the economy. Or, more importantly, look how much abortion damages the family. What’s happened to the mindset of our people when we view our very own babies as not that important and therefore disposable. As a nation we’ve accepted the lie that our children are just not important in the womb, but that translates often into believing they are not important even after they’re born as well. Our selfishness has led to absentee fathers, harried mothers, grandparents left raising their grandchildren, divorce, and abusive relationships. Our nation is witnessing the complete breakdown of the nuclear family.

Nathan Jones: The Bible prophesied that in the end times the love of most will grow cold. Who knew that our love would grow so cold to our very own children?

Tom Hughes: Absolutely! The Bible prophesied that in the last days lawlessness will abound. Because the love of many would grow cold, children grow up without any moral compass, and that breeds lawlessness and anarchy. Watch the news! That is where we are today.

We are raising up a generation of kids in the foster system. They end up finding themselves in jails. Our jails are full because we disrespect life in the womb as God has created it.

Look at ancient Israel as a template for the consequences and parallels of national sin. The ancient Israelites murdered their own babies on the molten arms of that hideous idol Molech. They did so for the very same reasons we abort our children today, for the pleasures of self-centered greed and unbound sex. We’re ultimately doing the same thing as the Israelites. People are people regardless of era.

What’s so sad is how our families are suffering for our self-centeredness. And, because our families are suffering, that’s caused the complete deterioration of the threads that bind our society. We have brought down judgment upon ourselves.

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