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Hope for a Last Days Revival: Finding Our Backbone

Billy Crone on the Signs of the Times

What will it take for Christians to bring about a last days revival in our nation?

Answering these and other questions at our Lamb & Lion Ministries 2018 Bible conference, themed “God’s Prophetic Voices to America,” was Billy Crone, the senior pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of Get A Life! Ministries. Billy spoke at our conference about “The Hope for a Last Days Revival,” which also aired on our television program Christ in Prophecy. In the process, he presented a powerful challenge to the Church to arise from its lethargy and start proclaiming the Gospel with boldness. The following is an excerpt from Billy’s presentation.

Billy Crone on the Rapture

Presidential Preacher

Billy Crone: I want to give you another example of our nation’s Christian heritage. We’ve even had presidents who were involved in Christian activities quite publicly.

President James A. Garfield was one of the young Major Generals in the Civil War. He was a war hero. He became Speaker of the House. He became the 20th President of the United States. And, by the way, that man founded Howard University. What we never hear about with this President of the United States is that he was a minister during the Second Great Awakening. In a letter from 1858, President Garfield recounted that he had just finished preaching at a revival service where he had preached the Gospel 19 times. He said that as a result of his preaching he led 34 people to come to Christ and he baptized 31 of them.

Now, that sure doesn’t sound like a typical presidential activity today, does it? That’s who we used to have as presidents in the past. You’d never think they could have been ministers. We’ve so compartmentalized Christianity into such a small box that we don’t realize our military leaders, our ministers, our educators, and even our presidents could also be ministers we’ve so compartmentalized the office.

Today we don’t even know our nation’s Christian history because we have rolled over and played dead. We have believed a lie. Once an axiom in the history: “Those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it.” We don’t even know our own history in America. Christianity is the true foundation that our country was built upon.

Our Founding Fathers not only believed in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they went and built the foundation of our nation on Jesus Christ. That’s what has made America so great. But, we Americans have rolled over and played dead over this fact.

Billy Crone: Our Founding Fathers not only believed in #JesusChrist as their Lord and Savior, they went and built the foundation of our nation on Jesus Christ. That's what has made #America so great. Click To Tweet

Church, we’re the ones that need to lead the way back. We need to get back to our nation’s Christian foundation. The lost aren’t going to do it; no, it’s us.

The Faith Mocker

When the previous administration went about mocking God and Jesus Christ and the Bible, we let him get away with it. President Obama openly mocked Christianity at a National Prayer Breakfast, of all places. He stated:

Moreover, given the increase in diversity of America’s populations the dangers of sectarianism are greater than ever. Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of non-believers. And, even if we did have only Christians in our midst. If we expelled every non-Christian from the United States of America, whose Christianity would we teach in the schools? Would it be James Dobson’s, or Al Sharpton’s? Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus which suggests slavery is okay, and eating shellfish is an abomination? Or, we could go with Deuteronomy which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith. Or, should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is so radical that it’s doubtful that our own Defense Department would survive its application.

I not only find what President Obama said absolutely offensive, I also find it blasphemous. He should have been ejected! Christians, our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

Finding Our Backbone

In past segments I shared with you a handful of quotes from our Founding Fathers concerning the Christian foundation of the United States, but there still are many more volumes of proof of Who they built our country on. It was the foundation of Jesus Christ. They revered Jesus Christ. They revered God’s Word. They didn’t mock it. That is never acceptable and that’s not our history.

If anything is going to happen, if anything is going to turn us around, if America is going to be made great again, if we can be a part of a great revival before the Rapture happens, then we must return to Jesus Christ. Again, listen, this Trump reprieve is not going to last forever. Do you realize that? As good as this has been, it’s not going to last because the seven-year Tribulation will be coming. Do you realize that? We’re not going to stop the Tribulation from happening.

Billy Crone: If anything is going to happen, if anything is going to turn us around, if #America is going to be made great again, if we can be a part of a great revival before the #Rapture happens, then we must return to… Click To Tweet

But, if the Lord should tarry and we are still alive and the Rapture hasn’t occurred, at best we’ve got what, twelve years? Understand the cycle of our elections. We had Reagan for eight years. We got another four out of Bush Senior who lied, read my lips, “No, new taxes.” You liar! Right? Right? He lied so we only had 12 years of Christian support in the White House. Then, bang! Those who love immorality came back into power again. So, we’ve got a short window under President Trump.

What should we be doing with this window of opportunity? I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be great to finish strong? Finish like our Founding Fathers who were willing to risk it all. They took on the greatest power on the planet of the time — Great Britain —— and they whooped their pants off because they believed and trusted their lives to Jesus Christ. That’s why we succeeded.

We both individually and as a nation have got to get back to Jesus Christ. This will likely be the very last window of opportunity we’ve got, Church, because after this, that’s all there is. Don’t squander it away! We’ve got to get back to having that same backbone as our Founding Fathers did in speaking and proclaiming Jesus Christ.

One guy puts it this way, “Life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness will not endanger somebody because somebody says a 30 second prayer before a football game. What’s the big deal? It is not like somebody’s up there reading the entire book of Acts. They are just talking to God in whom they believe in and asking Him to grant safety to the players on the field, and the fans will be going home from the game.”

But, what about the Atheists? What about them?

He continued, “Listen, nobody is asking them to be baptized. We are not going to pass the collection plate. Humor us for 30 seconds. If that is too much, bring a pair of earplugs. Go to the bathroom. Visit the concession stand. Call your lawyers. Unfortunately, a couple will call their lawyers. One or two will tell tens of thousands of American’s what they can and cannot do. But, it is a Christian prayer someone will argue. Well, yeah, hello! This is the United States of America. A country that is founded on Christian principles. And, according to every phone book, Christian churches outnumber all other 200:1. So, what do you expect, somebody chanting Hare Krishna? If I went to a football game in Jerusalem I’d expect to hear a Jewish prayer. If I went to a soccer game in Bagdad I’d expect to hear a Muslim prayer. If I went to a ping-pong match in China I’d expect to hear a Buddhist prayer. But, this is the United States of America, so why are we shocked when we hear a Christian prayer?”

He concluded with, “Our parents and our grandparents taught us to pray. And, our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now, a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us to stop from praying, to cease from praying, and whatever you do, don’t mention the name of Jesus. God help us! If that last sentence offends you, sue me. The silent majority has been silent too long, and it is high time that we tell the one or two who scream loud enough, that listen, that the vast majority doesn’t care what you want anymore. It’s time the majority rules! It’s time that we tell them, ‘You don’t have to pray. You don’t have to say the Pledge of Allegiance. You don’t have to believe in God or attend our services that honor Him. That’s your right, and we’ll honor your right. But, by golly! You are no longer going to take our rights away because we are fighting back and we will win. Why? Because we are Christians. We are the ultimate winners! Nobody has a brighter future than us. We belong to Jesus Christ, the King of kings, the Lord or lords, the Master of the Universe. We cannot lose.'”

We need to get that same backbone and risk it all, even persecution, just like the threats our Founding Fathers faced. Don’t you realize they put their lives on the line? They were going to be hanged, if they were caught, they would have been killed, but they risked it all for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. They built our nation on Jesus Christ and that’s what made our country great. So, in this short window of opportunity, if we are going to experience revival, I’m convinced we Christians have got to get that same backbone back.

Billy Crone: They built our nation on #JesusChrist and that's what made our country great. If we are going to experience #revival, I'm convinced we Christians have got to get that same backbone back. Click To Tweet


The rest of this hard-hitting presentation by Billy Crone is available on our 2018 conference DVD, titled God’s Prophetic Voices to America.

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