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A Biblical Blueprint for America: Joram as Obama’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn has recently emerged as one of God’s most powerful prophetic voices calling this nation to repentance and warning us of judgment and destruction if we refuse to repent. Cahn is a best-selling author and rabbi of a Messianic congregation in Wayne, New Jersey called Jerusalem Center Beth Israel.

At our 2018 Bible conference themed God’s Prophetic Voices to America, Rabbi Cahn spoke about a fascinating biblical blueprint that is unfolding in our nation today. We aired a portion of his presentation on our television program Christ in Prophecy, and now here below. In this segment Jonathan Cahn continues teaching from his book The Paradigm by showing the parallels between King Joram and President Obama.

Joram as Obama’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn: What happens next? People think that when Ahab’s reign ended so too does Jezebel, but that’s not what happened. What happens in the biblical paradigm is the king’s reign comes to an end, but the queen goes on, staying on the political stage.

So, according to the Paradigm, Bill Clinton’s reign comes to an end. Hillary Clinton, for the first time in the history of America, goes on with her own political career. As did her ancient prototype, Jezebel, Hillary continues to dwell in the halls of power. She dwells in the capital city.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton seeks to become the ruler of the land, but in the Paradigm the throne goes to a younger man. When he enters, and you’ll find this in by book, The Paradigm, in the chapter called “The Heir,” Barack Obama will follow the paradigm of King Joram. King Joram will continue the policies of Ahab and Jezebel, and so Obama will continue the Clinton’s policies. HillaryCare becomes ObamaCare, abortion, same-sex marriage, all of that continues to be pressed.

In that time, the reign of Joram is categorized by a hostility to the ways of God and the people of God. Likewise, in the years of Obama, America markedly turned away from God. There was a distinct hostility from the highest places against religious conservatives.

During the reign of Joram, Jezebel dwelled in the palace. During the reign of Barack Obama, when he came to the White House, he comes with the former First Lady as his Secretary of State. That’s the first time in American history a former First Lady stays in power.

Barack Obama was unknown until that speech he made at the Democratic Convention. His keynote speech launches his rise to power overnight. He spoke as if he was a potential president. When did that happen? It happened in 2004. That’s the beginning of Obama’s rise. He comes on the stage just like lightning. When did Obama’s time on the national stage end? His last year as president was 2016, so from 2004-2016 is 12 years. Twelve years of Barack Obama. Like his ancient prototype from 2 Kings, King Joram reigned in Samaria for a period of 12 years.

Now, the Paradigm actually will also reveal a figure who will be the prototype of Bin Laden. He’s an enemy who rises up and serves as the archenemy in the times of Ahab. I won’t go through it here, but it actually will tell you the way he will be assassinated. It will foretell what he will do and the assassination that’s ordained. It happens in the bedroom and it will provide the very year when it will occur.

In the fourth and last segment of our series about the biblical blueprint for America, Jonathan Cahn will describe how King Jehu is Donald Trump’s paradigm.


The remainder of this hard-hitting presentation by Jonathan Cahn is available on our 2018 conference DVD, titled God’s Prophetic Voices to America.

2018 Bible Conference DVD Album

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