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Prophetic Perspectives #66: BLM on Dismantling the Family

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Nathan Jones: Since the beginning of this Prophetic Perspectives series, we’ve been examining the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization via the Black Lives Matter website at and exposed some of the many dangers that it presents to American society. Today we are going to address the tremendous danger it presents to the family.

Tim Moore: We’ve been looking at Black Lives Matter as an organization and as a movement as opposed to just the statement, that yes, Black lives matter. We agree and believe that all lives matter. Now let’s consider their ideology and the implications it has for the family, because they are very clear about what they believe regarding the nuclear family.

Nathan Jones: Absolutely clear. Looking again at the Black Lives Matter website on their What We Believe statement, they say BLM “affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny…” Misogyny is the latest PC word that now means being against anything doing with men being in charge, where the word once used to mean men who hate women. They continue, “…and environments in which men are centered…. We dismantle the patriarchal practice.” In other words, BLM seeks to end men having any kind of authority.

And, here’s what BLM believes about family, “We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family.” When we talk about nuclear family we are talking about a father, mother, and children — a stable nuclear family.

So, Black Lives Matter doesn’t want men to be in charge. They don’t want men to have power. And, they don’t want the nuclear family around anymore. Is that biblical?

Tim Moore: No, that is clearly not biblical. As a matter of fact, as we’ve previously cited, Jesus Christ said that in the beginning He created male and female and gave men to be married to women. “For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5). The nuclear family is the institution which God has created. This is not a governmental institution, other than obviously you get a marriage license in today’s society, but the institution itself was created by God. It is blessed by God. It is a covenant relationship as understood by Scripture. And so, what God has joined together we are not supposed to separate. And yet, BLM desires to destroy the God-ordained nuclear family.

Nathan Jones: Candace Owens, who is an African American commentator, says: “No one, not a single solitary person defends or excuses the death of George Floyd, so, why is this rioting happening? Because that is what the media wanted… Black America, wake up. Enlighten yourselves. Do not be owned by a mainstream media agenda.” The mainstream media’s ongoing agenda centers on the destruction of nationalism so that the world can institute a global government. That is what the globalists are passionately working towards.

Owens has frequently said on her program that the number one, most tragic problem among the Black community is the lack of fathers. Statistics show only one in four African-American families has a father that is still active in raising his children. And yet, all of the statistics and all of the studies prove that the nuclear family is the glue that creates stability and teaches morality. Families that are broken end up suffering from a wide variety of social and emotional problems. The nuclear family is what God gave humanity to build a society. When BLM wants to destroy that foundation, then there are no moral or ethical choices taught. And, what do we see? We see rioting in the streets. We see the looting of African-American owned-stores by Blacks. We see rampant destruction by lawless White Antifa. We see this pie-in-the-sky Marxist idea of utopianism. All of these social ills are the result of the breakdown of the nuclear family.

Tim Moore: This very problem was recognized years ago. There was a time when the Black family in America was one of the most intact institutions that provided a lot of stability even during times like the Depression and World Wars. The Black family was a source of cohesiveness and stability which provided a connection for the entire community.

But, that quickly changed. Back in the 1960s, the Great Society was created by then-President Johnson. His social programs led to an explosion of welfare programs that undermined the Black family. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who later became a United States Senator and who was quite the academic, ran an extensive study and he concluded that Johnson’s welfare programs were going to destroy the Black family because they are actually promoting the removal of fathers from families. The liberals responded, “Oh, you are crazy! That’s never going to be a problem.” And yet, Moynihan ended up being correct.

So, there was a time leading up to the 1960s when Black families were more intact then Caucasian or any other ethnicity in terms of the family unit. And yet, that’s been flipped on its head today. The number of children born out of wedlock, as statistics reveal, has skyrocketed. Broken families are creating many of the pathologies that we are seeing in so many communities such as rampant crime, homelessness, and mental problems. Children are growing up without that cohesive family unit that provides stability for children and extending beyond into adulthood.

The nuclear family is the very unit that God instituted to be the basis for all of human government. We should first congregate within the community of the home which includes a father, a mother, and children. That’s God’s ideal. And yet, Black Lives Matter wants to undermine the nuclear family.

Such thinking is proof of BLM’s Marxist mentality in classifying people as the oppressed and oppressor. Men are seen as the oppressor, so they must be removed from women and children, who are the oppressed. What a tragic ideology that will lead to even more terror and horror in our nation!

Nathan Jones: Such thinking goes back to the 1990s and what Hillary Clinton said years ago, that it takes a village to raise a child. That’s a classic Socialist/Marxist agenda. But, certain African American commentators are looking through that ideology into what bitter fruit it produces. Brandon Tatum, a former police officer and Black commentator, has said: “Don’t let the media fool you! The majority of Americans support the police. [They] do not support the destroying of their city. The biggest problem with growing up Black in America… is not racism, police brutality, or black on black crime… it’s the mental brainwashing.” Tatum is in part referring to this breakdown of the nuclear family so that people are more loyal to the State and not to the family anymore.

Jason Riley, a Black journalist, says: “Black activists and White progressives stress racism because it serves their own interest, not because it actually improves the station of Blacks.” So, you’ve got to ask yourself then, “Does BLM as an organization actually support Black people?” When looking through BLM’s What We Believe page, we learn about their anti-biblical stance, their anti-freedom stance, their anti-liberty stance, and their anti-American stance. Again and again and again, Black Lives Matter stands for the destruction of what God has instituted.

So, as Christians, should we support Black Lives Matter? I don’t believe so. Clearly not. The evidence is there.

We love Black people. We think they matter. But, the organization BLM does not really love Black people. BLM uses Blacks and racism in their quest for more money and political power. And so, we need to take BLM seriously and not support their anti-God and anti-family efforts.

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  • Almost 8 out of 10 Black babies are born out of Wedlock and growing up with almost no fathers. It’s the root cause of the disintegration of the Black family structure that almost NO ONE wants to talk about!!!


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