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What do you see will be as the next prophetic event as foretold in Scripture? Prophecy Pros author and podcaster Todd Hampson has joined us to help answer that question.

The Iranian Threat or Damascus Destroyed

Todd Hampson: The world has gone wild! There are so many trends happening right now to keep up with that it’s hard to say. As for me, personally, I’m keeping an eye on the events happening with Iran right now as they inch closer to becoming a nuclear power. Israel has said that they are not going to let Iran have a nuclear weapon, and Iran has gotten very close, or may already have a nuke. When Iran does become a nuclear threat, that could trigger the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog War, or even before that, the Isaiah 17 prophecy concerning Israel’s destruction of Damascus.

Who knows for sure? There are so many things happening right now. Of course, the Rapture is a timeless event, so I’m hoping that is the prophetic event that happens next.

Tim Moore: Yes, we are looking forward to the Rapture being the next prophetic event as nothing prophetically has to happen in order to precede it. Some wars may precede it, but we cannot know for sure.

Nathan Jones: Let’s discuss how Iran fits into Bible prophecy.

Todd Hampson: Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 prophesy an attack on Israel by Russia, Turkey, Iran, and a coalition of other nations coming from the north. Syria mysteriously is not involved, likely due to Syria’s civil war, so the stage has already been set for their absence. I think this Gog-Magog War is going to happen during a gap period between the Rapture and the beginning of the Tribulation. If not, then maybe it will coincide with the Second Seal Judgment. There are many views concerning the timing of the Gog-Magog War, so I won’t die on that hill, but that’s the way I see it.

The fact that we are seeing the trend for this coalition of invaders coming together right now kind of blows my mind. Most people in America typically don’t do this, but if you want to pay attention to Bible prophecy and get a feel for what’s going on prophetically, then keep your eyes on Israel and what’s going on in the Middle East. Americans tend to ignore the Middle East and chalk the ongoing chaos up to the area being crazy and unstable, but the more we keep our eyes on Israel, specifically the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then I think we can get a good tap on where we are in the prophetic timeline.

Tim Moore: For many generations, people read Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 and wondered how a city could be destroyed in a single day. And yet, we take for granted how that is possible today. Even within the last couple of years, Beirut, which was considered the Paris of the Middle East, was virtually decimated in a single moment when a ship laden with ammonia nitrate, kept there by Hezbollah, exploded. The blast destroyed the entire inner portion of the city and went on to devastate the entire country in many other ways. It caused many Lebanese to fall into abject poverty.

Whether the destruction comes from some of the miscreants that are based in Syria, or whether it comes from an inerrant missile flying from Iran, we know that in this day and age a city can be destroyed very quickly. Damascus will be destroyed in a day as this prophecy has foretold. I agree that if we keep our eyes on Israel then we will gain discernment regarding these end times.

Nathan Jones: Absolutely! Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 both prophesy the destruction of Damascus in one evening, naming Israel as the perpetrator of the city’s demise. The Bible names Israel. How is that even possible? Ammonia nitrate? Probably not. I believe the destruction will be nuclear in nature.

Todd Hampson: Right. How wild that so many events that were prophesied in Scripture couldn’t be understood by prophecy teachers even 30 years ago. The technologies of that time made some of these prophecies not yet possible. Whether we are talking about the Mark of the Beast, or the technology needed for the whole world to simultaneously watch the Two Witnesses being killed, all of these things were impossible before certain technologies were put into place. Literally, every single event that is prophesied in Scripture can now happen due to today’s technologies.

Origins of the Prophecy Pros

Tim Moore: How did you and Jeff Kinley get connected to become the Prophecy Pros?

Todd Hampson: The long story short is that I approached Jeff Kinley. I had a booking agent I was trying out my concept for The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times. We weren’t really clicking, and I found out later they weren’t Premillennial in their eschatological viewpoint, so it made sense to reach out to Jeff. I had read a few of his books and so ran my concept past him. I told him I was trying to connect with another agent and asked him who he would recommend. Jeff took a look at my concept and then put me in touch with his agent, and it just took off from there. So, we connected that way.

Over the next two or three years, we would bump into each other at prophecy conferences. The more we talked the more we realized we were cut from the same cloth. We are both trying to reach a younger generation. We are both trying to present the Bible in a way that is relevant to today’s viewer and listener.

So, Jeff approached me and said, “I don’t know what it is, but I think the Lord is telling us to team up and do something together.” So, we came up with the Prophecy Pros name and logo having no idea what God was going to do. We were like: “Alright, God, we are laying this before you. We don’t know what this partnership is going to do.” Then we were approached a few months later by our publisher to start the Prophecy Pros podcasts. Soon after, we talked about doing teaching events together. We’ve hosted a conference, and we are going to host another one.

The Urgency of the Rapture

Nathan Jones: Speaking of which, share a little about the partnership you’re going to be doing with us here at Lamb & Lion Ministries.

Todd Hampson: There’s going to be this really great conference with this really great ministry called Lamb & Lion Ministries. Jeff and I are going to be your featured speakers at your Storm Warning: The Urgency of the Rapture conference this July 23rd.

Nathan Jones: Along with Tim and me and the Prophecy Pros, we’ll have other gifted speakers there, such as our ministry’s founder, Dr. David Reagan.

Tim Moore: At our conference in July, we are going to gain a better understanding of the urgency of the Rapture. So, on that note, give us a little preview of what the average Christian can be doing in the time we have left before the Lord’s imminent return. What should Christians be doing with their lives?

Todd Hampson: I always tell people that 1 and 2 Thessalonians are to be our handbook. In those letters, Paul clearly taught the church in Thessalonica basic Eschatology, like a Believers 101 class. Bible prophecy was taught to the new believers right away. And, we can read in the tone of what Paul is saying, that we should keep our eyes on the sky because the Lord can return at any moment. Christians are to be ready, be watchful, but at the same time keep working and keep planning, because there are still people to reach for Christ.

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