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The Rapid Decline of American Morality

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How should Christians deal with the rapid decline of morality?

Tim Moore: To help us answer that question, we sought out Lamb & Lion Ministries’ founder, Dr. David Reagan.

The United States demonstrates quite a lot of parallels with ancient Israel. For example, some think that our country is progressing, meaning the ironically-termed Progressives, though we Christians know that in truth we are regressing down the wrong path and so need to back up to get back to where we ought to be. Atheists think that mankind is evolving into a higher state of consciousness, but we know that we are devolving morally.

So, Dave, what do you believe will be the next shoe to drop in this country as we continue to head down this wrong path into a more pagan secular society?

David Reagan: Every time I say it couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse. That’s because the driving momentum right now that the Progressives are pushing is their obsession with sex. They are strenuously attempting to legitimize every form of sexual deviancy that was ever dreamed of. And so, I believe the next big push is going to be the legalization of pedophiles. They’re already talking about the fact that we need legislation to make it legal for pedophiles to have sex with “consenting” children. Consenting children, as if there was ever such a thing!

Tim Moore: The Left has been pushing for the autonomy of children so that their parents cannot make decisions for their own children.

David Reagan: They’ve got a good argument in a sense. The fundamental argument that homosexuals have used to say that they are legitimately okay and that they need more laws protecting them is the fact that “God made us this way.” They claim they are just doing what God made them do. Well, they’ll make the same argument for pedophiles. They can just say, “Well, God made me this way, so having sex with minors must be okay.”

One could say the same thing about being a thief or being an adulterer. But, that’s never an excuse! God does not make people commit what is contrary to His moral law.

Tim Moore: Quite frankly, listening to the language being uttered by our various national leaders, even as they embrace what I call the Disrespect for Marriage Act, they claim “love is love” and so anyone’s “love” cannot be challenged or judged. We just have to embrace it.

So, the legalization of pedophilia — that is the next big sin that the Left will champion. I would agree.

David Reagan: I keep thinking about what happened about a year or so ago when a congressman from Florida stood up on the floor of Congress in the House of Representatives and he said that he was opposed to a bill they were trying to pass through concerning transgenderism. He said that transgenderism is a violation of God’s Word. Immediately, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, a congressman from New York named Jerry Nadler, stood up and basically said, “This Congress is not interested in what any god has got to say.” Can you believe that? God and His Word have been fundamental to the lawmaking of the United States since well before its foundation. America has certainly forgotten God!

Tim Moore: Note what it says on the dais above the Speaker of the House’s podium, “In God we Trust.” Jerry Nadler seems to have forgotten our nation’s motto.

David Reagan: Back in the 1950s, Congress passed a law accepting the introduction of “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, and they also selected “One Nation Under God” as the formal motto of the United States. Today, if you tried to get that approved through Congress today they would laugh at you. America’s moral decline has been happening so fast.

Standing for Righteousness

Tim Moore: How then do Christians in this era of descending darkness recognize apostasy and stand for righteousness?

David Reagan: It’s very important as a Christian, first of all, to be in the Word. They also need to be in prayer every day. Sadly, most Christians just don’t get into the Bible very much so they just don’t know the Word. It’s one of the reasons that same-sex marriage has been accepted by many churches almost overnight and particularly among young people because they don’t know the Word.

So, yes we need to stand for righteousness. Jesus said that we are to be salt and light in the world. If we aren’t salt and light then nobody else will be. I tell people, “Pray for God to put an issue on your heart.” Realistically, you cannot go out and fight against every social issue. It’s just too much. Instead, ask God to place an issue on your heart. It might be fighting abortion. It might be fighting homosexuality being taught to minors. It might be to call an end to the out-of-control national debt. Whatever the cause may be, focus your activities on that.

For example, if you are called to fight against abortion, then God may call you to do different things. He may call you to write to the newspaper. He may call you to support a congressman who’s against abortion and is running for office. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Go out there and demonstrate against the killing of babies. Whatever it may be, ask God to show you what to do, and He will show you. Then, go and do it!

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