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Billions Or Six


Are Evolutionists correct in their claim that it has taken billions of years to make what exists today? Or, is the Bible correct in it’s account that God made everything in six literal days? And, does believing in a six day Creation make one a moron?

Dr. Jobe MartinAn academic who once held to billions of years was Dr. Jobe Martin, former dentist, professor and Evolutionist. Having clearly seen God’s eternal power and divine nature from what has been made (Rom. 1:20), Dr. Martin came to faith in Jesus Christ and a trust in the biblical account of the six days of Creation. He and his wife Jenna Dee have since formed Biblical Discipleship Ministries based in Rockwall, Texas to teach on campuses, classrooms and churches that we can trust the Bible’s account of the Creation and Jesus as Savior.

How do you respond to people who say your belief that the Earth was created in six literal days about 6,000 years ago makes Christians look like morons, and who then claim that science has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Earth is billions of years old?

I’d punch him in the nose! [chuckle] Well, that’s what your flesh wants to do. The Spirit says to love them, so you love them.

It depends on how you want to come at it. If they say they are a Christian then I’ll usually go back and the conversation will go somewhat like this:

Dr. Martin: “Okay, you say you are a Christian. Do you believe what the Bible says?”

Skeptic: “Of course I believe what the Bible says.”

Dr. Martin: “Okay, well then, you say you don’t believe in the Creation like the Bible describes it, you believe the way Evolution describes it?”

Skeptic: “Well, because science has proven it.”

Dr. Martin: “Now, tell me, do you believe in Virgin Birth?”

Skeptic: “Of course I do.”

Dr. Martin: “Well, you’d better, because if you don’t believe in Virgin Birth then Jesus inherited an Adamic sin nature and He couldn’t be the sinless lamb. But, I could prove with science that Virgin Birth does not happen in humans.”

Skeptic: “Well, how?”

Dr. Martin: “We could lock up virgin young ladies for 9 months. Are they going to come out and have babies? No, absolutely not! So, we can do a scientific experiment that proves virgins don’t have babies. But, you say you believe in Virgin Birth. Why?”

Skeptic: “Because the Bible says so.”

Dr. Martin: “Do you believe in the Resurrection?”

Skeptic: “Well, of course I do.”Dr. Martin: “Well, you’d better, because if don’t believe in the Resurrection then you are not going to Heaven. It is appointed. A man is supposed to confess with our mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart God raised Him for the dead. Romans 10:9 says that you will then be saved. So, resurrection is part of salvation.

I can prove Resurrection doesn’t happen. Do you want to volunteer? (Nobody ever volunteers. I could shoot people dead, but unless the Rapture happens they’re not going to come popping up.)

You believe in the Virgin Birth, you believe in the Resurrection, and we can prove with science that neither one of those are going to happen. But, you don’t believe in Creation like the Bible describes it. And there is lots of science that really supports the Creation idea just like the Bible presents it.

And so, what is probably going on here is that you love the approval of men more than the approval of God (John 5:44; 12:43).”


The Evolution of a CreationistThe Evolution of a Creationist Book by Dr. Jobe Martin:
This fascinating book describes Dr. Jobe Martin’s personal journey from an evolution-trained scientist to a Bible-believing creationist. Dr. Martin examines many of the claims and theories of prominent evolutionists, comparing their often incredible, inconsistent, pseudo-scientific explanations of origins to the clear and simple description of the Creation as depicted in the Bible.
Creation ProclaimsCreation Proclaims Video by Dr. Jobe Martin:
Come face-to-face with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures! You’ll discover how Creation proclaims the character, majesty, power and, glory of our Creator God. In each creature feature, you’ll learn how God is reaching out to mankind by making Himself known in unmistakable ways.
God of WondersGod of Wonders Video by Eternal Productions:
A feature-length Discovery-quality documentary without the evolutionary bias. Stunning nature footage, scientific insights and Scriptures combine to reveal the wonders of our Creator as observed throughout His creation.
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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • isnt the hebrew word for create in gen 1:1 a different word than the rest of the chapter? one meaning to make from nothing and the other meaning to prepare? and dont some translations say "replenish the earth"? i know of many solid christians who take the bible literally, but still believe there was a gap between gen 1:1 and 1:2. a gap is not uncommon in scripture and there are other passages in isaiah that can allude to a previous earth age when the overthrow of satan took place

  • Combining the literal 6-day Creation account with something like the Gap or Day-Age Theory creates a belief in something else entirely different than what the Bible is trying to get across with it's explanation of days with "evenings and "mornings."

    The Gap Theory, for instance holds that the Creation happened up until animals, and then evolution took over to get the animals up to man. A problem with this concept is that it can't hold to the Genesis account, as the Bible says man is made in God's image, not the evolutionary ladder.

    Also, the Bible records that Eve was made in one nap. Mankind couldn't last millions of years to evolve a woman.

    Most detrimental to this theory, is that sin and death entered the world after the Fall, so there couldn't already have been millions of years of animals dieing to make man.

    Don't forget that when Jesus turned water into wine, the new wine had the appearance of great age.

    Certainly God spent whatever concept of time that exists for God planning out the Creation, but His account of the actual Creation records 6 literal days each containing "evening" and "morning." And, that is what Dr. Martin is saying, that we should accept the Bible literaly.

  • Genesis 1:1 says what God did: He created the heavens and earth. Not evolution or some "Big Bang". It assumes there is a God and everything was created by Him from nothing.

    Verse 2 and following gives us an outline of of the process. Days 1-3 tell us what God made from the formlessness and days 4-6 tell us what He filled the void with.

    So, the Gap Theory is like evolution: and unprovable theory that has no evidence to back it up.

  • i saw a special on a christian network about animals which defy evolution. i think it was carl buagh (i dont know how to spell his last name) creation in the 21st century. he did excellent work. i forgot which animals they were.

  • I know I am a day late and a dollar short, but hart I think you can absolutely rely on the Bible and the accuracy of literal 24 hour days during the 6 days of creation. Remember Moses was a very learned man who had the best education Egypt had to offer, he was being groomed to be a leader. Contrary to some things I have read, Moses had adequate language and words to indicate other time frames had he chosen to. There were words for epochs, eras, millenia etc. but he deliberately used a word that really meant 24 hour days. If there were some type of gap in time, if there were theistic evolution of any sort he had words at his disposal to say exactly that. And to me this is critical to my faith, because if God did not create the world in 6 24 hour days as Moses wrote it, then how can I trust the rest of Scripture. I mean maybe the other authors of the books of the Bible (inc. the disciples) really intended something else and they were forced to use words and concepts that were over simplified for a mass of ignorant people who couldn't understand the bigger words. No, I choose to believe God is a God of order and credibility and what he says and the words He writes are absolutely understandable by all who seek Him and are absolutely reliable.

    Is Ken Ham's creation park the one I read about that is in trouble with the IRS?

    My 2 cents… Rob from Alabama…no url setting yet 🙂

  • Yes God could have created the heavens and the earth on day 1 and rested for a couple of billion earth years. And I really wouldn't have a problem with theistic evolution if that is what God really used. But: 1. He caused Moses to use the term for a 24 hour day (and there is no ambiquity in the word used in the orginal Hebrew – from what I read and understand) and 2. if we start nitpicking and re-inventing meanings of words in order to make the Scripture match what the world says then we lose the authority of Scripture. I mean how many main-line Protestant denominations now endorse and encourage the sin of homosexuality based on "current" interpretations of words…they are saying God NEVER condemned that as a sin. They are using false scholarship to twist what is really plain and simple.

    I'm not saying that is what you are doing hartdawg, please understand I am not implying that with my comment. We can agree to disagree on this, this is not a hill I want to die on today. But this is a passion of mine because I studied along side those who would mock the Bible and they find it funny that we continue to twist our Scriptures to try and line up with what they say. They remain more consistent than we. But this goes back to something else I said in regard to secondary sources vs. the original Bible – which by the way has stood the test of time and scholarship. I have told my kids no matter what some author (Christian or non_Christian) says, no matter the level of conviction they have, no matter the alphabet soup of letters after their name, and no matter how much "evidence" they can provide if anything does not match the Scriptures entirely it can be rejected outright. IMO.

    GOtta go get some grub, the youngins are "starvin"
    Rob from Alabama

  • Rob, that's Dr. Dino (Kent Hovind)'s park that is having trouble with the IRS. Fortunately, his son Eric with an overwhelming offering from donors just recently was able to buy back the lands to Dinosaur Adventure Land.

    Ken Ham from AiG has the other museum – the Creation Museum up in Cincinatti. I visited it a week before moving down to Texas and it is very much worth the visit. The Gospel message is woven throughout the entire walk through. My kids still remember getting squirted with water by the seats in front of them in the Flood theater – a memorable illustration!

  • You're absolutely right about the Hebrew word "yom" for "day", Rob from Alabama. It can mean a longer period of time but has to be quantified by another word to make it something else, as I understand it.

    There is nothing in the text to describe anything other than a 24 hour day.


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