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Is There Really a Hell?


Is there really a Hell?

Liberals hate Hell. Church leaders hate Hell. So what do they do with something they hate? They eliminate it! Now the national media is in on the fun saying there is no real Hell. A recent issue of Time magazine even had as its cover story the question, “What if there’s no Hell?” which focuses on a 40-year old evangelical preacher by the name of Rob Bell. Bell is the head of a megachurch in Michigan called Mars Hill Bible Church which boasts of 7,000 members attending its services each Sunday. Rob Bell and others are leading the charge in the new apostasy movement in saying there’s no Hell for anyone.

Rapture Ready Radio Live

On Tuesday, April 26th, I was interviewed by host Matt Buff and Chris Quintana of the Rapture Ready Radio Live Tuesday radio show, broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. During the second half hour of their two hour live show we took a look at the tough questions concerning Heaven and Hell, did Jesus go to Hell, and what was the point of the Resurrection. Do not miss a minute!

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(My apologies for not having a written transcript of this interview available. Please visit this article for supplemental material.)

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