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The Obama Legacy: A Nation Rebels

Koenig on Obama's Legacy

In 2008, while running for the presidency, Barack Obama promised change. After he was elected, he delivered on that promise big time, and in fact, far beyond anything most people could have imagined. President Obama left a legacy, one that can be evaluated from a biblical perspective.

Were his changes for the good of the nation?

This question was asked of Bill Koenig on our television program Christ in Prophecy. Bill has been a White House Correspondent for the last fifteen years. He is president of a news website called World Watch Daily, and he publishes a weekly report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.” Bill is also the author of a telling book titled Revealed: Obama’s Legacy.

[Note: Bill’s answer below has been edited slightly for grammar and clarity.]

A Nation Rebels

Bill Koenig: No doubt about it. Every area of our lives that has mattered to us, especially as Evangelical Christians, has been negatively impacted. Even with Obama out of office, we are continuing to see his impact on a daily basis.

I think the number one way Obama has changed our nation concerns morality. Ever since the day Obama was sworn in — January 20, 2009 — and at the very moment he was being sworn in, his White House staff was busy putting up the LGBT agenda on the White House website under the Civil Rights category. I remember when I read the website I just couldn’t believe it. On the very same day as Obama’s inauguration, the nation plunged towards a totally immoral cultural upheaval. The White House website from day one announced to the effect a declaration of war against biblical morality.

In my book Revealed: Obama’s Legacy, I made this statement: “Barack Obama has done more to promote immorality and perverse sexuality than any man in American history.” Though I hated to ever have had to put it that way, that’s what happened.

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The nation continues to deal with battles over the “rights” of sexual perversion on a daily basis. Now eight years later, just think what it has become like for Christians in the workplace. Just think what it has been like for Christians in Obama’s military. Look how difficult life has been for chaplains in order to just perform their service. In every area of our lives, Christianity has been treated as the enemy. Christians are considered the problem. Christians are considered the bigots.

Who would have ever imagined the day would come, and it did on June 26th, when the White House would be lit up with the colors of the moral perversion movement? Or, that there’d be a huge fight to allow transgender men to freely enter women’s bathrooms? Even the sports leagues fought to make that happen. Almost overnight the country turned in favor of transgenderism when just a few years earlier we were very reserved about the topic.

Certainly, there’s no doubt about it. The downward slide towards our nation embracing homosexuality occurred during President Bill Clinton’s eight years in office. He made the last Sunday in June Gay Pride Day. President George W. Bush had nothing like that in June. When President Obama took over, the entire month of June was designated the LGBT Pride Month. A “Q” was later added in case a person didn’t know what they were.

The nation’s celebration of sexual sin just keeps getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, in my chapter “LGBT- He Owns It,” I point out that no leader in the world has had a greater influence in the spreading of LGBT and same-sex marriage around the world as Barack Obama. Here in the US, we fight for morality in an already pretty substantial Christian population. But, what about the little countries around the world that hardly have any Christians? The celebration of sexual perversion just came right into those countries so quickly because there was no Christianity to restrain immorality. Every time Obama visited an African country he felt compelled to unload on them the need for homosexual acceptance, and he even used federal funds to enforce his position. Obama would use our taxpayer funding to tell other nations to get in line with the LGBT agenda or lose foreign aid from our country.

Just think about this. There’s a terrible civil war going on in Syria. Iran threatens the world with potential nuclear weapons development. North Korea is led by a crazy man who actually has nuclear weapons. We have all these economic problems in America, but instead of dealing with any of these threats, Obama was totally obsessed with focusing on whether or not a man can go into a woman’s bathroom.

What has happened is the LGBT activists have worked their way into guest relations. They’re in charge of who gets picked to be a guest on the major TV networks. They’ve worked their way into positions of influence in corporate America, such as the sports leagues.

Look at what happened in North Carolina concerning the Bathroom Bill. The city of Charlotte declared the town needed to open up its bathrooms to whatever gender a person felt led to at that moment. The governor countered with a state-wide bill limiting a person to their gender at birth, but the sports leagues and other corporations boycotted the state. A new governor was eventually elected and the Bathroom Bill revoked.

How true what the Word of God says! If a nation rebels against God, He will take a step back and lower His hedge of protection, allowing the consequences of sin to multiply. Romans 1 actually states that three times. And the last time God steps back, Romans says He will deliver the nation over to a depraved mind. I think that’s where we are now as a nation.

A Detrimental Legacy

Here are a couple of examples of Barack Obama’s legacy’s detrimental effect on the United States. For one, Secretary Gates in the Pentagon said that President Obama showed hardly, if any, emotion at all concerning the plight of the underfunded military. When it came to necessities in terms of our military readiness, preparation, and our budgets, Obama showed zero interest. But, he was very involved with getting rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Then there is Islam. No doubt Barack Obama is a Muslim apologist. He shows no emotion about the plight of Christians being persecuted and slaughtered for their faith in the Middle East. But, he demonstrates a lot of emotion over bringing Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa into America.

Obama initiated and enforced people in public service and the military having to go into gay sensitivity programming. I have a friend whose son graduated from the Naval Academy and is stationed in South Korea right now. He said one of the reasons he would like to leave the military is because he’s tired of all these homosexual and transgender sensitivity programs they now have to go through as part of serving in the military.

Sensitivity training has little difference from what the Chinese Communists have historically done with people who disagree with their position. They place objectors into a group, totally surround them, and then bombard the objectors with propaganda in order to intimidate the dissenters into changing their way of thinking.

Sensitivity training has made its way past government employment into the private sector. I have a friend that works for a Fortune 100 company. The company’s employees are required to go once, if not twice a year, through sensitivity programming about LGBT and transgenderism.

During Obama’s years in office, the country has gone from basically accepting homosexuality to requiring a person to openly endorse it. Tolerance now doesn’t mean to just accept something, that something also has to be publicly endorsed. Tolerance is a one-way street for homosexual activists. They’ve no tolerance for opposing views.

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The Frayed Moral Fabric

Bill Koenig: My book Revealed: Obama’s Legacy identifies the following ways President Obama has fundamentally changed the moral fabric of the United States.

For one, Barack Obama is a Muslim apologist who has helped obfuscate the nation from understanding Islam’s hostile intentions. Number two, he has openly supported Islam in the Middle East and turned our citizens against our allies, such as Israel. Number three, look at what has happened to our US military under an Obama presidency. Number four, when it comes to LGBT power, he owns it. Number five, President Obama’s “Christian” faith is a faith based on his terms and not those of the Bible.

So, will America ever recover from eight years of President Barack Obama? I believe there’s always the chance for both Obama and our nation to repent, which I address personally in my final chapter.

My book provides the background to get a better idea of what influenced Barack Obama to the lengths that he went to fundamentally transform American society. Actually, writing the book was kind of a catharsis for me as I saw these devastating advances in moral perversion going on for eight years. Even as a White House correspondent, I couldn’t get actively involved in the press briefings to the extent that I wished because I would be shouted down… shouting down might be too strong a term, but the White House certainly didn’t appreciate any questions contrary to Obama’s view of morality, or as I call it, his immoral agenda.

Over eight years of the Barack Obama presidency, a lot of misdeeds were taking place that needed to be documented. I use Obama’s own words in the documentation. The Lord put it in my heart to use Obama’s own words and not report using second-hand information. We as believers in Christ have a respectful fear of our Lord, and so once a believer reads these reports and sees what has happened to our nation, they’ll recognize President Obama for what he really is. Most people I’ve encountered who read the book remain in complete awe of what has taken place to fundamentally erode the moral fabric of our nation.

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  • I want to study these minor prophets. I like your brief description of them. I like Hosea but they all have a message of Faith. Maybe my life group at church will take the challenge and study them.. Thanks for sharing Nathan..

  • Believers in Jesus who study the Scripture could not possibly be as surprised, as the more naive….
    We saw it happening every day; and so many people simply refused to discern the facts of what was taking place. It was clear the anti-Christ was having his day when girls had no privacy in bathrooms.

  • I truly believe President Obama was put in place to wake this nation up. The Fruits he bore were not good fruits. You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. Luke 6:43 The Lord controls all things. Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons, he removed kings and sets them up, he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

    The fruit of the righteous will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. The World has become afflicted by men who do whats evil in the sight of the Lord, there will be consequences for that, just as there has been throughout history, for sin, corruption, immorality, and lawlessness. The nations that treat Israel poorly are also under judgement by God, plainly stated in Genesis 12:3. God deals with nations by the way they deal with Israel.

  • Because you have said in your heart, “I will sit as God…..therefore……you will be thrown headlong live into the pit”.
    Obama is now being groomed to head the One World Government.
    Therefore, Come Lord Jesus, Come Quickly. Amen.

    • Yes, Obama has been planning on the Secretary General position all along. Looks like the one world government, every nation will be the same due to diversity and immigration, allowing in illegals from all over the world who will gravitate to their own kind, not assimilate, and the economic system will go cashless. All about numbers, and being able to identify people by the antichrist.


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