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The Obama Legacy: The Muslim Apologist

Koenig on Obama's Legacy

Based on his words and actions, many have claimed that President Obama is a closet Muslim. He claims to be a Christian. Was he either one, or is he just a Humanist?

This question was asked of Bill Koenig on our television program Christ in Prophecy. Bill has been a White House Correspondent for the last fifteen years. He is president of a news website called World Watch Daily, and he publishes a weekly report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.” Bill is also the author of a telling book titled Revealed: Obama’s Legacy.

In 2008, while running for the presidency, Barack Obama promised changed. After he was elected, he delivered on that promise big time, and in fact, far beyond anything most people could have imaged. President Obama left a legacy, one that can be evaluated from a biblical perspective.

[Note: Bill’s answer below has been edited slightly for grammar and clarity.]

The Muslim Apologist

Bill Koenig: In my book Revealed: Obama’s Legacy, in writing chapter two “Obama Muslim Apologist” I read through his speeches. The most notable speech I remember seeing Obama present took place on June 4, 2009, in Cairo, Egypt where he directly addressed the Muslim world. He apologized for everything America has ever done in opposition to Islam. The apology speech clearly demonstrated that Barack Obama is an apologists for Islam.

Obama even referred to Thomas Jefferson “honoring” the Koran because Jefferson own a copy of Islam’s holy book in the White House library. The truth is Thomas Jefferson kept a copy of the Koran because he was trying to figure out what motivated the Islamic Barbary Pirate. Early in our nation’s history, we had a problem with the Barbary Pirates attacking our ships. They were Muslims, and so Jefferson believed our fledgling navy needed to understand what influenced the pirates. I wish our think tanks in Washington today would read the Koran, then they’d have a lot better handle of what is taking place between Islam and the West.

In Obama’s Cairo speech, he extolled the great Muslim contributions to the development of the United States. What contributions? On and on Obama went, just like that. He announced that as long as he was President the doors of America were open to Muslims.

Then read Obama’s speech at the Turkish Parliament in April 2009 where he yet again addressed the Muslim world. He actually bowed down to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia!

Then read Obama’s February speech of 2016 given at a mosque in Baltimore. Just read what he says. Watch him present his speeches. Barack Obama is a Muslim apologist.

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Obama can say he’s a Christian all day long, but Christians do not take the positions that he takes. In an interview that Obama did when he was a State Senator in Illinois he actually said there are many different roads to God. He took many other very unchristian positions. It was obvious he was simply a cultural Christian — a Christian in name only — and that was all. Obama claimed he was a Christian when evangelical leaders interviewed him before the election. He told them he believed there were multiple paths to getting to Heaven, but they seemed to overlook that part of his claim.

The reason Obama claims to be a Christian is because he was told if he was going to get into politics in South Chicago he needed to be part of a church. So, who did he pick? Reverend Wright’s church — a pseudo-Christian, Black Liberation Theology teaching church. He sat under Wright’s teaching for some 20 years listening to the guy rant and rave through his Antisemitic sermons and about how much he hates America.

Every once in a while Obama’s faith would be questioned nationally, so what’d he do? He’d grab his family and they’d attend church on a Sunday with the White House Press in tow. The press would take photos — USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post — then on Monday splashed all over the front page of the newspapers: “Obama is in Church.” The Media wants us to believe Obama is a Christian, and here’s the proof — he’s in Church. In reality, the Obamas only went a few times to church during the entire eight years of his presidency.

Another indicator that Barack Obama is a Christian in name only is that he shows no emotion or feeling toward the persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East. Christians are being slaughtered on a daily basis for their faith by Islamic groups such as ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, but insider reports reveal Obama shows no emotional concern for the plight of the Persecuted Church.

Rather, Obama at a National Prayer Breakfast told Christians to get off our high horses. He even drug up the Crusades, blaming all of Christianity for what the Catholic Church did to defend the Holy Land from Islam.

Obama clearly blames Christianity for the Jim Crow Laws in the South. He said for Christians not to be on our high horses. Obama never misses an opportunity to chastise Christians.

In my chapter “Obama Faith on His Terms,” I write about Obama’s own book The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. This was his book concerning his faith, but a faith in Christ that is very convoluted. In truth, it’s a faith in God, but for his own purposes. It’s faith for his own purposes. For instance, when it comes to whether LGBT is moral or not, Obama refers to the book of Romans, but then goes back and derides the stoning law in Leviticus for engaging in homosexual acts. Picking and choosing what he wants out of the Bible, Obama creates a total distortion of the Christian faith for his own purposes.

If you listen to Obama’s speeches, you’ll discover who his real god is — “I, I, I.” Obama may hold Christianity in disdain and serves as a Muslim apologist, but his true worship is the worship of himself.

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