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Jan Markell Denounces Apostasy (Part 3 of 5)

Jan Markell

Concern for the Church

God’s purposes among the Jewish people are central to Jan Markell, but an even greater passion of hers is the purity of the Lord’s Church. This is the topic she has focused on in recent years, particularly due to the increasing influence of the apostate Emergent Church Movement.

In a recent email message to me, she stated, “My real burden today is the state of the Church.”25 She went on to say that she is “heartbroken” over what is happening to the Church today. “I have memories of the church of my youth,” she wrote, “…a church that was so solid, was prophecy and Israel focused, and talked about important things, not ‘seeker-sensitive’ issues.”26

The Erosion of the Evangelical Movement

Markell has pointed out repeatedly that the term, Evangelical, no longer has any meaning. At one time it stood for people who believed in the inerrancy of the Bible and believed the Bible should be our guide for all doctrines and morals. Today there are people calling themselves Evangelicals who are denying the fundamentals of the faith. In fact, the apostasy among Evangelicals has grown so great that it is now often difficult to differentiate them from the old mainline denominational liberal advocates of the Social Gospel.27

In a powerful article titled, “Liberal Evangelicals Don’t Represent Me,” Markell points out that in 2006 “Evangelicals jumped on the global-warming bandwagon.” In 2010, “immigration became the new Evangelical cause.” In 2011, came the “Circle of Protection” made up of those Evangelicals who were focused on protecting the poor from federal budget cuts. The climax came later that year when the National Association of Evangelicals decided to call for nuclear disarmament.28

In another article, Markell stated that “on the surface there doesn’t seem to be a dime’s worth of difference between the National Association of Evangelicals and the World and National Councils of Churches.”29 She added:30

For years the NAE focused on salvation issues. Not any longer…The NAE’s most recent press release…is their endorsement of “An Evangelical Declaration Against Torture.” Tell them you want an “Evangelical Declaration on Saving Lost Souls.”

“Christians should care about the poor,” wrote Markell, “but to me, poverty, climate change, war, immigration and women’s rights are not primary Evangelical issues.”31 Instead, she argued, “Evangelicals should be focused on soul winning:”32

Once again, we see a vain “fix the earth” mentality. The wrongs of this world cannot be made right until Christ’s return. Since that just might be soon, could we please go back to the fundamentals of soul winning, the calling card of Evangelicals for decades? We can’t fix anything on this planet because the devil is in charge right now. One of the things our government is assigned to do, and rightly so, is to protect its citizens. One of the things Evangelicals are to do is to share the Gospel. Nuclear disarmament is not a church issue. Somebody do a reality check.

In another article titled, “When Evangelicals Dine With The Wicked,” Markell castigated Bill Hybels, the founder of the “seeker-sensitive” approach to Christianity.33 She emphasized his annual “leadership conferences” that have featured “problematic” speakers like Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair and rock star Bono — among many others.

In response, Markell asked a series of penetrating questions:34

Will these speakers spur the attendees to share their faith with greater zeal?

How will the attendees grow spiritually from their exposure to these people?

How does this further the Kingdom of God?

In the fourth segment of Jan Markell’s denunciation of apostasy in the Church, we’ll look at her views on Emergent Church leaders such as Rick Warren.


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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • You are correct in every aspect that we as Christians are over stepping our directions to go and tell the world the good news. One thing that has come along is the homeless problem and many church’s feel they need to become involved with. The problem that I see with this is trying to help those in need, not those that are unwilling to work since they can get a handout. A new generation of people with there hand out has arisen. One that also wants to continue to receive without working for it. Are we hindering the Holy Sprit by handing out without expecting a change in the attitude and a willingness to look for help in changing ones direction?

  • Greetings Dr. Reagan,

    One of the biggest problems I have when discussing existing issues with non- Christians is that I’m accused of being a defeatist because God has ‘failed us’. (Why would he allow all this if He was so almighty powerful?) I refer to Paul’s warning in his letter to the Corinthians about the devil being the “god of this system’ and that man doesn’t have the ability to tackle these issues because we have eliminated Him as a society.

    They say things like, “You’re just accusing humans of being weak or stupid” “If God is in control, this wouldn’t be happening” etc…etc…They also go on with, “Well, if your God were going to put an end to this, HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT BY NOW!” At that point I choose to no longer engage because arguing is of no good consequence.

    How does one diffuse a situation when as a Christian I know it is my responsibility to keep learning as well as being required to share it with others. I love debate, but I’m not a fan of arguing.

    And while I’m at it, thank you sir to you and Nathan and your guests for being paramount to my learning.

  • In Daniel chapter eight you will see why Jesus referred to the then Jews as a Synagogue of Satan.God allowed them to fall under their Little Horn in order that Salvation would come and the Gospel would go to the whole World.Only for the then Jews falling we the Gentiles would have had no chance for our Salvation,so our Salvation is of the Jews.


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