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Tim Moore: There may be no surer sign of our cultural confusion than the gender dysphoria that is running rampant throughout our society. An increasing number of girls who want to be boys and boys who want to be girls. Other confused individuals are declaring themselves to be non-binary, or even that they are animals. Tragically, people and institutions that ought to know better are feeding this destructive trend. Cultural drivers are sowing the wind so that our society is reaping the destructive whirlwind of insanity.

I recently went to a play in the suburbs of Dallas that was put on by a youth theater. Of the 12 actors and actresses, a quarter of them, so three, identified themselves as non-binary. In other words, they wouldn’t even declare a gender. They wanted people to use the pronoun “they” when referring to themselves. That’s one-quarter of the youth, and that’s located in a fairly conservative area of Texas.

Is this a trend that you’ve seen evident in other parts of our culture?

Nathan Jones: It depends on what the “sin of the day” is. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was all about how many girls a guy could sleep with. Open and acceptable fornication was “the thing.”

And then, it seemed as we got to the early 2000s, a time when I was working and talking with youth more, I learned that all of a sudden it had become cool to be gay. You started going to malls and seeing especially young girls, say 13-14 years old, holding hands. It had become okay to be gay in our society.

And now, maybe in the last five years or so, the Gay Rights Movement had pretty much succeeded in getting what they consider to be their rights, so today much of the activism is now centered on Trans rights. Our society is always looking to have something new. It has got to have something to fight for and move its Marxist political activism forward.

This Gay and Trans activism has left us all seeing kids become confused about their genders. What’s really shocking to me is the twisted teachings that have as of late been coming from our young millennial-aged teachers who are teaching our classroom kids that it is okay to change their genders.

We’ve got pseudo-science guys like Bill Nye the Science Guy, who on one episode of his show, placed a bunch of mannequins on his stage and had blue and pink lights shining down on them. Then he turned the lights purple so that all of the mannequins were purple. Then he claimed, and this is a supposed THE “Science Guy,” that mankind is evolving away from two genders into many more genders!

There are statuses and icons you can claim when you want to sign up for Facebook and other apps that offer your profile 70-some different genders.

What the Science Says

Nathan Jones: Is it even scientifically true that there are more than two genders?

Tim Moore: No, claiming that there are more than two genders is not scientifically true.

Did you know that archeologists today can dig up bones from the past and by using just a fragment of the bone they can tell what gender, or sex, that person was from hundreds and even thousands of years ago? Their bones contain chromosomal evidence that the owner was either male or female. Bone structures indicate whether the skeleton was a man or a woman. You just can’t change that fact.

Once we have put off this mortal coil, as Shakespeare would say, people hundreds of years from now will still be able to tell what sex we were by our chromosomes. Chromosomes prove our identity as either being male or female and nothing else.

Leftists claim that people can choose their own pronouns. Well, if that is true, I like what has been suggested, I get to choose my own adjectives. So, from now on I want people to only use the adjectives “handsome,” “good looking,” and “strong” when describing me, as those are my chosen adjectives. Those are the only adjectives people are allowed to use with me. Of course, you realize how ridiculous this demand is because words are descriptive of truth. If they are not descriptive of truth, then we have no point in even communicating.

The In Thing

Nathan Jones: Right, Genesis teaches that God created humans as male or female. Jesus said the two shall become one flesh through sex within the marriage covenant (Mat. 19:5-6; Eph. 5:31). And yet, the world scoffs at that fact, condemning the Bible as an antiquated book. But, look at what results when we reject God’s natural order of creation. I read one sociologist’s report explaining how homosexuality among young boys remains very low, so very uncommon that you can identify it early. But, only in the last ten years has homosexuality and transsexuality among girls, particularly in the middle school age group, really skyrocketed. Her conclusion was that homosexuality and transsexuality rates have increased due to social media. Being gay has become cool. It has become the “in thing.” Kids are so confused at that age and they don’t know what they want to be, and society is coercing them to seek affirmation by becoming the opposite gender or a newly made-up gender.

We now have state governments denying gays who wish to go straight conversion therapy. Teachers can’t even tell parents in some states if their child wants to get a sex change. They need to go to the nurse to get an aspirin, they have to get permission for medicine, but not for a life-altering sex change? What we’ve got now is enforcing sexual lawlessness upon our children.

You can read so many tragic stories about youth who have had a sex change. Did you know that 50% of people who get sex changes will later commit suicide? 50%! The mental health of trans people wasn’t too good to begin with, but then with society forcing this unnatural change on their life and then denying them the biblical counseling that they could get, it’s destroying them.

The force that’s truly behind this push towards gender confusion, let’s admit it, is Satan. He’s sitting back and laughing at the destruction of these poor people.

Tim Moore: He certainly is. We’ve long had some people in our society declaring themselves to be George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or even Jesus Christ. There have been a lot of these poor people, and we realized that they were mentally unstable and so carried their self-delusions too far. Naturally, we will give them treatment because they are in need of care. But now, we are instead encouraging people in their gender dysphoria.

I keep a picture in my phone of a man who several years ago decided that he wanted to become a cat. He actually had his body surgically altered with various cat features tattooed permanently into his skin. He had whiskers surgically inserted in his jaw. He ate Friskies as his food source. He uses a litter box instead of a toilet! The sad reality is this man ended up committing suicide because he could never really become a cat.

What’s sadder is that doctors within the medical profession and family members had encouraged him down that path and fed into his dysphoria to the point that he became self-destructive. That story is exactly what is going on again and again today. Too many of our young people are going to come to their senses, though some will not, and they will realize that they have disfigured themselves beyond repair and that they had done a great disservice to their own persona. They radically rejected that which God had created for their good and instead bought into the lie perpetrated by Satan and being embraced and further perpetuated by our society today.

The Solution to the Confusion

Nathan Jones: I watched a series of YouTube videos produced by a young man who was getting a sex change, trying to turn himself into a woman. One of his videos was particularly heartbreaking. He stood in front of a mirror and just cried at what he called the monstrosity that he had become because he was still in the middle of his sex change.

Changing his gender wasn’t the answer that he was truly looking for. Rather, the answer that he was looking for was to fill the emptiness that had left his heart hollowed out. What he was truly looking for was his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Each of us was created with a purpose and future in Jesus Christ. This emptiness inside of us is meant to be filled by the love of God. We cannot truly change our bodies into something else. We can’t change the circumstances into which we were born by declaring ourselves to be another gender or animal.

I told my children when they were little that they could grow up and become anything that they wanted to be, but that didn’t mean that they could grow up and become a different gender or animal. I read about one woman who decided she was going to become a deer!

God has a future and a purpose for our lives. His purpose is for you to live and love Jesus Christ because He lives and loves you. Jesus is the answer to the suffering and the depression that people are feeling. It isn’t to change your body, but to change your heart, and so get a brand new life. We get that by accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life and by putting your faith and trust in Him. John 3:16 assures us that, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Tim Moore: If you have someone whom you love who is struggling with their own sexual identity, I would encourage you to go to the American Family Association website to watch a movie called, In His Image. It is a powerful demonstration of the grace of God that can be extended even to someone who has bought into Satan’s gender dysphoria lie and so be restored to the fullness of truth once they embrace Jesus Christ.

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  • people in this world are insane! every human knows there are only male, and female and GOD created them! I don’t know, maybe God is giving them the strong delusion now.

  • I think we are at our end. Only GOD can change everything now. No different president, senate, or house of representatives. That is hope in man not GOD. Some people just don’t want to change. This country can’t go on like this forever, until GOD has had enough.


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