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A Biblical Blueprint for America: Critical Times

Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn has recently emerged as one of God’s most powerful prophetic voices calling this nation to repentance and warning us of judgment and destruction if we refuse to repent. Cahn is a best-selling author and rabbi of a Messianic congregation in Wayne, New Jersey called Jerusalem Center Beth Israel.

At our 2018 Bible conference themed God’s Prophetic Voices to America, Rabbi Cahn spoke about a fascinating biblical blueprint that is unfolding in our nation today. We aired a portion of his presentation on our television program Christ in Prophecy, and now here below.

Critical Times

Jonathan Cahn: It is written that the sons of Issachar knew the times and they knew what Israel should do. Elijah knew the times in which he lived, thus he knew what he was to do. Paul knew the times in which he lived, and thus he fulfilled his calling. It is therefore crucial that the body of Christ know the times in which it exists that it might know what we are to do for God. It’s crucial!

Jonathan Cahn: It is crucial that the body of Christ know the times in which it exists that it might know what we are to do for #God. It's crucial! Click To Tweet

These are critical times! These are pivotal times. These are prophetic times. Even in this last year, we have witnessed prophetic events. The ground is shifting beneath our feet. We are witnessing the greatest, most massive cultural, moral, spiritual, civilizational transformation in history.

People are asking, “What is going on?” As if the world was out of control. But, imagine if they discovered a master blueprint that was behind everything that is happening right now, a blueprint from over two and a half thousand years ago which reveals the events of our times. And, not only what is to happen or what has happened, but pinpoints when the year, and in some cases the month, the week, and in some cases the day even down to the minute.

Imagine if the blueprint revealed the events of our times, the people of our times, and who is on the national stage and how long they will be on the stage? Behind each of the leaders there is an ancient blueprint that they are following without realizing it. What if it revealed the outcome of the future? What if we were replaying this? What if God is warning us?

If we could open up the blueprint what would it tell us? What keys would it give? What warning would it give to us?

My book, The Paradigm, describes just what this blueprint is, or as I called it — the paradigm. It concerns a revelation very much linked to what my book, The Harbinger, describes.

I didn’t plan on writing The Paradigm. Like The Harbinger, it just came rapidly. In fact, it intersects with the revelation and warning of The Harbinger. The Harbinger, for those who don’t know, reveals the prophetic signs from ancient times that are warning America. These appeared in the last days of ancient Israel and are now reappearing around us. So, the paradigm is saying that everything is part of this, not just the signs, but everything, and it is still moving forward.

I have to say before I start explaining the paradigm, for it is so explosive, so I have to say this does name names. But, remember we have enemies. We must oppose what is evil. We must pray for those who commit evil. Everything else is sin.

If you came looking for political correctness, you came to the wrong lesson. We have to be eternally correct so we can hear from God.

America Likened to Israel

What I am going to share begins with the ancient nation of Israel, a nation that had once known God. Instead, they drove God out their public square. They called what was evil good, and what was good they called evil. They promoted immorality. They promoted sexual immorality. They embraced false gods and idols.

Chief among the false gods Israel worshiped was the god called Ba’al, or we know him, Baal. He was the god that promised them prosperity by the works of their hands. His worship involved priests and priestesses who engaged in sexual immorality. Sex was taken out of the bonds of marriage and put on public display. Marriage was degraded in the wake of a sexual revolution. Popular culture became sexualized. Some of Baal’s priests were called the kadeshem, meaning they were male prostitutes. His worship involved the confusion of gender.

Baal also had his altars. He required a price to be paid for prosperity. They were to offer up their children on his altars. They would approach the brazen altar, place their child in the metal arms of their god, then release their child to the flames. The Bible records that because of such heinous sin God would bring judgment. Adopting sin was the metamorphoses that overtook the ancient nation of Israel.

There is one other nation that was also founded at its inception on the Word and will of God, and that nation was America. America was founded after the pattern of ancient Israel. And, America, like ancient Israel, is also undergoing the same metamorphoses due to turning against the God of its foundation. Likewise, we have been driving God out of the public square, calling what was evil good and what is good evil. We have promoted sexual immorality all over the world. We have embraced our own idols.

Jonathan Cahn: There is one other nation that was also founded at its inception on the Word and will of God, and that nation was #America. America was founded after the pattern of ancient #Israel. Click To Tweet

Americans would never speak of this sin as this, but we have also followed the spirit of Baal in serving the gods of increase, gain, and prosperity that like with Israel brings about a sexual revolution. We have taken sex out of the marital bed and put it on display. We have also treated sexual immorality as if it was holy. And, as with Israel, we have also embrace a confusion of gender.

Just like Israel’s worship of Baal, we have come and offered up our children to die. We will never call it Baal worship, like Israel who offered up thousands of their children. Rather, by abortion we have offered up millions of our unborn through a different fire!

Just like the fall of ancient Israel, there came a period when sin accelerated and where pagan immorality became the ruling morality of the land. It was endorsed from the palace. The nation experienced a culture war.

In America, we have also seen an acceleration of this apostasy where anti-biblical morality has become the ruling morality. And, for the first time, sin has been championed from the highest places in our culture.

In the second segment of our series about the biblical blueprint for America, Jonathan Cahn will describe how certain ancient Israelite personages acted as types for some of our modern day politicians.


The rest of this hard-hitting presentation by Jonathan Cahn is available on our 2018 conference DVD, titled God’s Prophetic Voices to America.

2018 Bible Conference DVD Album

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  • I think this article by J. Kahn has a message that all should read and accept. When I say “all” I mean ALL. Thank you for publishing this item.


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