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A Biblical Blueprint for America: Ahab as Clinton’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn has recently emerged as one of God’s most powerful prophetic voices calling this nation to repentance and warning us of judgment and destruction if we refuse to repent. Cahn is a best-selling author and rabbi of a Messianic congregation in Wayne, New Jersey called Jerusalem Center Beth Israel.

At our 2018 Bible conference themed God’s Prophetic Voices to America, Rabbi Cahn spoke about a fascinating biblical blueprint that is unfolding in our nation today. We aired a portion of his presentation on our television program Christ in Prophecy, and now here below. In this segment Jonathan continues teaching from his book The Paradigm showing the parallels between ancient Israel and modern-day America.

Ahab as Clinton’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn: In The Paradigm I explain how the culture war is inaugurated with the rise of a King named Achab. We know him as Ahab. He’s divided. He’s compromised. He knows of God, but he wars against Him. He is the first king in Israel’s history to champion the worship of Baal, meaning child sacrifice, and sexual immorality, and the overturning of biblical values.

So, too, in America we have a culture war. It was coined with the rise of a man that we know as Bill Clinton. With Bill Clinton it’s not about the man, not about what he knows, or does not, rather Bill Clinton will follow the paradigm of Ahab. He will be a man divided. He was brought up in the Bible-belt, yet warring against the morals of God. He’s compromised.

Ahab was the first king to champion the offering up of children. Bill Clinton was the first president to champion the offering up of children in abortion. He became the first president whose time in office was linked to sexual immorality. As Ahab sought to redefine biblical values, Bill Clinton would make a statement saying, “We are redefining the unchanging values that have guided us from the beginning.”

In the chapter in the book called, The Days of the King, the question is answered about how long Bill Clinton was on the national stage. When did his rise to power begin? It began when he became governor of Arkansas, which was January of 1979. It ended with the end of his presidency in January of 2001. How many years of Bill Clinton? Twenty-two years of Bill Clinton. In 1 Kings it is written, “Ahab, son of Omri, reigned in Samaria for a period of 22 years.” The years of Bill Clinton follow the years of King Ahab.

Ahab wasn’t alone, and neither was Bill Clinton. In the chapter in The Paradigm called “The Queen” a new figure enters the stage. Again, it is not about the person, rather she’s a sign. Her name is Iezabel, we know her as Jezebel. She grows up in a cosmopolitan culture with liberal values. She is the daughter of the priest of the goddess Astarte. She worships female power. She will marry Ahab and move to his land. She will never adopt the values of Israel. She’ll see conservative values as something to be warred against. She will incite her husband to do the same.

Hillary Clinton will follow the paradigm of Iezabel, the ancient queen, without knowing it. According to the paradigm she grows up in the cosmopolitan culture of Chicago. She venerates female power. She marries Bill Clinton, moves to the Bible-belt, and never adopts traditional values. She sees those values as something to be warred against. She as Jezebel made her goal to turn over the deep-seated religious beliefs of Israel for the worship of Baal.

Hillary Clinton would actually make this statement, she said, “Deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.” Why? So that abortion can expanded. As Jezebel became the chief advocate of child sacrifice, Hillary Clinton has become the chief advocate of abortion in America. In fact, it’s not opinion, Planned Parenthood voted her the abortion champion, not of the year, not of the decade, but of the century! I am not saying they knew what they were doing, but together the two would advocate against biblical values, even for partial birth abortion and what would lead to the overturning of biblically defined marriage later on.

Of the two it was Ahab who wavered back and forth, and so with Bill Clinton. It was Jezebel who was seen as the harder, the harsher one, and so with Hillary Clinton.

The Lewinsky Scandal

The Paradigm reveals secrets in high places. Jezebel brought the priests of Baal and the gods of Phoenicia, the male and female gods, into the palace. It would seem impossible that could ever happen in America.

Now, I am not going into detail here, but it is revealed in my book in the chapter “The Goddess” that the First Lady and the President actually consulted with those who were New Age high priestesses. The First Lady brought this high priestesses literally into the White House. Literally the woman who wrote a book at the time advocating goddess worship, mentioned the goddess that Jezebel worshiped. It all happened in the White House!

The days of the King and Queen were not just of apostasy, they were also days of scandal. So, too, with the Clinton years. It’s written that Ahab coveted a vineyard of a man named Naboth. Naboth wouldn’t give it up so Jezebel came up with a plan. She had Naboth falsely accused and killed. Ahab goes to the vineyard to take it. As he goes there, he finds a surprise as Elijah is waiting for him. Elijah exposes the sin and tells him judgment will come and the end of his reign will come.

In the same way the Clinton years are defined by scandal. There will be a scandal that will break out, several actually, but the one that will mark his presidency forever will lead to his impeachment. The scandal also concerned a coveting and taking of what was not his. Breaking the Ten Commandments came the Lewinsky scandal.

The fall of Ahab was linked to the tribe of Levi. I won’t go into it here, but it is linked to the tribe of Levi. It began as he broke the Levitical laws and it ended in the city of the Levites when he was killed. Could a modern presidential scandal actually be linked to the ancient tribe of Levi? From the name Levi comes the name Levin, from Levin comes Lewan, from Lewan comes the name Lewinsky. The very name of the scandal comes from the name Levi which is same tribe linked to the fall of Ahab.

What does the biblical paradigm say? When was the sins of the king exposed? It happen in the 19th year of King Ahab. What happens if we take Clinton when he came on the national stage in 1979 and add 19 years? Clinton’s 19th year on the stage was 1998 which was the year of the scandal. Actually, it leads you to the month of January, and that is the exact month of the scandal.

The Calamity of 9/11

It’s going to get more mind-boggling than that, because the Paradigm reveals something else. In the midst of the scandal when Elijah rebukes Ahab, Ahab repents, at least for a time. Probably on the surface, but he still does. God says because Ahab repented He was going to delay the calamities. He was going to lay it off. It will be held off. It will still come on the nation, but it’s going to be delayed. How long? Three years. So, you’ve got the kings repentance of the scandal — three years — and then a calamity.

Did Bill Clinton ever repent over the sins of the scandal? The answer is first he denied it. He denied it for months, but then finally he did. It happened in the East Room of the White House, and he was in front of various ministers. He said, “I have sinned against God and man. I ask for forgiveness.” He said, “This is my repentance.”

So, what happens if you take the date that Clinton’s repentance happened? The king’s repentance, then add the three years of Ahab of the paradigm, and will it bring you to a significant date. If you take that exact day, add three years, it will exactly lead you to the date of September 11, 2001. The day of great calamity!

If you take the king’s repentance, which Clinton’s happened in the morning, it takes you to the morning of 9/11. The event began at 8:30 on 9/11. The hour that it begins is 8:30 and within 15 minutes it begins. The President repents from between 9-10 o’clock, which was the peak of 9/11.

Could the event in the White House then actually contain 9/11? Well, the event ends at 10:30 the morning, three years later, and that’s when the last part of the north tower falls to the earth. It’s 10:29, then 10:30. It’s all contained!

If you had known the Paradigm at that time, and I didn’t know, but if I had known and you had known, you could have marked 9/11 down right on your calendar.

In the third segment of our series about the biblical blueprint for America, Jonathan Cahn will describe Ahab’s end and how that same scenario is playing out today in American politics.


The rest of this hard-hitting presentation by Jonathan Cahn is available on our 2018 conference DVD, titled God’s Prophetic Voices to America.

2018 Bible Conference DVD Album

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