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Don McGee Exposes the Wuhan Virus


[Note: Our guest author is Don McGee, an evangelist formerly with Crown & Sickle Ministries and frequent guest on our ministry’s television program, Christ in Prophecy. This devotional is from Don’s newest writing series, “Oh, One More Thing…”]

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Barack Obama’s chief of staff was Rahm Emanuel, a ruthless and dirty-mouthed bully from Chicago known for his profanity-laced temper tantrums. It is clear Obama hired him because his merciless pit-bull nature would ensure there would be no bothersome conscience which might interfere with carrying out his policies. Interestingly, his mother was an advocate of Benjamin Spock, the pediatrician who promoted radical child-raising principles in the mid-20th Century.

It was this self-same Rahm Israel Emanuel who once said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”1 Former Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) once said that Emanuel would sell his mother and strap his children to the front of a steam locomotive in order to get a vote.2

At this very moment the mainstream media and their cadre of American liberal politicians are staying the Obama/Emanuel course in that they have exploited the Wuhan coronavirus tragedy in order to maximize any political traction it might offer. Not only are the real issues of death, financial hardship, and national defense being ignored, but those who are sacrificing so much in order to make the right decisions for the sake of our country are being trashed at every turn by those who wish to facilitate a socialist liberal takeover in November.

At every attempt to help suffering people, the socialists cripple the effort by demanding that self-serving rancid greasy pork be added to the legislation or they will not support it. How low can some people go? There is no bottom.

Erroneous Prophetic Speculations

But, before going further, something must be said regarding the biblical aspect of the pandemic.

No doubt just about every Bible prophecy teacher and writer has commented on the Wuhan coronavirus and its devastating impact upon the planet. A lot of it is good in my opinion, but it is important to remember that though there are some things we can know for sure, there are also some things that don’t fit in the current situation even though they might look like they would fit.

This shoot-from-the-hip kind of prophetic interpretation reminds me of an anxious elementary student who answers the teacher’s question before the teacher has finished asking it. That is, the accurate evaluation of the situation may require more than a knee-jerk reaction to what we might believe is obvious.

Particularly, what we are seeing is not the fulfillment of the breaking of the first four seals in Revelation 6, though the two are similar. The main reason we can know this pandemic is not a part of Revelation 6 is the fact that the Church is still on the earth today. In Revelation 6, Jesus has taken the Church out of the world at that point.

Further, the rider of the white horse (First Seal) is Antichrist, and presently he has not been made known. Personally, I think it is probable that he is alive and well at this moment but the time of his being revealed has not yet come.

Some folks are prone to become a little too speculative in times of crisis. Some are pointing to the possibility or even the probability of at least regional warfare, to the current intrusion of wild animals into populated cities, and to food and other shortages resulting from the pandemic.

It is true that major prophetic events cast their shadows before them, and this Wuhan Virus pandemic indeed falls into such a category. But, when it comes to the fulfillment of specific Bible prophecies, something fits or it doesn’t. The impact of the Wuhan Virus is a warning from God — maybe one of the last, or maybe the last — but it is not Revelation 6.

Don McGee: The impact of the #WuhanVirus is a warning from #God—maybe one of the last, or maybe the last—but it is not #Revelation 6. Click To Tweet

The obvious takeaway from the situation is that we are not approaching the season of Jesus’ return for His Church; we are in it. More could be said, but surely you get the idea.

Elitist Virtue Signaling

Unfortunately, what hinders an objective biblical evaluation from being accepted or even considered about any issue is the template of insane politics and social correctness through which everything must be measured today, including the Wuhan Virus. Within the arena of our putrefying social/political standards, the truth is forced to take a back seat to the pseudo-intellectual humanities mindset that caters to the foolish and self-centric elitist politicians, academics, and other social engineers whose greatest desire is to be seen and revered as someone powerful, global, relevant, united and caring.

The fact that the Wuhan Virus can kill a lot of people in a short period of time, no matter what name you assign to it, is deftly ignored. The only thing that matters to this spiritually bankrupt crowd is figuring out how to use this to defeat their enemies at the polls and therefore push forward their evil agenda.

This is so irritating to most of us. Regular people of middle-America are extremely frustrated with the liberal media and their spineless political and bureaucratic lackeys because their absurd political/social correctness flies in the face of common horse-sense. Regular people know that the best way to live life is to live it independently and according to common horse-sense, thus they have no time for elitist politician’s horse-something-else. And, they are saying so very loudly!

This is especially so when the purpose of this ruse is clearly seen to be what it is — an attempt to appease the entitlement-minded exclusive snowflakes among us who believe the lie that they are societal victims who need the government to tell them how to live their lives. Why is this the purpose? Because those people vote; even the illegal aliens among them.

Such people will sacrifice innocents on the altar of social correctness without batting an eye. They literally and figuratively do it each day in abortion mills and in legislative halls around the country.

These can easily be identified by their loud and persistent declarations that they have a lot more knowledge about a lot more things than regular people have and that those hard-working, tax-paying, regular people should surrender their personal liberty, money, and guns to the government in order to allow them — the elitists — to govern their lives. For the regular people’s own sake, of course.

Elitist Hypocrisy

Consider elitists like Oprah, Lady GaGa, Cher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joy Behar, Jim Acosta, et. al. What normal and sane person in the real world would give two shakes of a muddy stick for their opinion on the Wuhan Virus? Or anything else, for that matter?

A good example of this is Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” who said recently that if Joe Biden becomes president he should appoint his wife as surgeon general. “I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general… she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor.” Goldberg was deceiving viewers into thinking she was personally familiar with Jill Biden’s glowing reputation as a physician. Jill Biden has a Ph.D. in education!

My concern is not so much with Goldberg knowingly lying to viewers; that is part of her political DNA. The real question is how many viewers who actually vote said to themselves, “Yeah, that’s a good idea!”

Michael Bloomberg is another good example of this highbrow attitude when he told all of us how to farm by digging a hole, burying a seed, and pouring some water on it. One mid-west state’s Secretary of Agriculture responded by saying Bloomberg wouldn’t even know how to start one of their tractors. Well said!

Though we may not all be Ag-experts, like Bloomberg, a few of us regular people know a little something about farming that we learned from actual experience.

A few of those regular people know what it is like to hoe cotton in the blistering heat of the summer, to open water furrows with a shovel, to do battle with boll weevils, and to pick the cotton while dragging a 12′ canvas sack hooked over their shoulders through the middles. They know what it is to have their hands bleed from the barbs and backs that hurt in ways that an entire can of Doan’s Back Pain Pills would not ease. And, all too often, they know what it is to lose the crop to weather, bugs, and/or noxious weeds.

Bless his little pea-picking elitist heart! I wonder how long Mr. Bloomberg might last under such conditions? I also wonder if he has ever actually seen a real boll of cotton.

The March 17 issue of Townhall reported on two other politicians who see themselves as being above the same rules they themselves impose upon the peons, er, regular people.

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio used a public gym just minutes before public facilities were ordered closed. When asked about this, he said he did it because he must “stay healthy so I can make decisions for the people of the city.” Sort of makes you wonder how George Washington made it without a gym and fancy workout equipment.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot also saw herself as being above the rules when she went to a salon to get a hair-do. Lightfoot said she classified her haircut as being essential because she is the public face of the city: “I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. I’m a person who… I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut.”

Like all horses’ butts, such elitists don’t even realize it when they embarrass themselves. But, then again, a person must have certain standards in order to be embarrassed by their own actions.

Playing Games With Names

About names. The pathogen is, in fact, the Wuhan Virus, and contrary to the liberal media, the name has nothing to do with blame and everything to do with origin. Though, it is a fact that we cannot know for sure at this point if the virus was developed as a Chinese weapon for biological warfare or not (hmmm). It is also a fact that in any evaluation of the Wuhan Virus situation it is important to remember that nothing China’s President Xi Jinping says is credible.

For those insistent upon making an argument regarding the name Wuhan Virus, I would say to hush up, take a number, and wait in line. First, we must go back and change the common names of Hong Cong Flu, Asian Flu, Spanish Flu, and maybe even the Bird Flu just in case birds are offended.

We might add to that list MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which is said to have originated in Saudi Arabia, and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which is said to have also originated in China. Imagine that!

For some time now researchers have been concerned about something like this happening. In May of 2018, an article entitled “Here’s What the Next Pandemic Pathogen Might Look Like” appeared in Live Science.3 What is missing in that prognostication is the deep role corrupt politics might play.

The Bottom Line

Getting to the crux of the pandemic, the Wuhan Virus, along with every other pathogen on earth, is the direct result of human sin. And, we must add to that extensive list, every form of evil behavior whether manifested in word or in deed.

Don McGee: Getting to the crux of the pandemic, the #WuhanVirus, along with every other pathogen on earth, is the direct result of human sin. Click To Tweet

No problem humanity is dealing with actually has its source in physical illness, trauma, politics, weather, or whatever. The problem is spiritual and is rooted in the evil human heart. Until we allow the Gospel of Jesus to address this core problem, we are only dealing with symptoms.

Does that mean that preaching Jesus’ Gospel will eradicate health problems? Not at all! The planet is cursed and will not be saved by medical efforts, by the Church (Post-Millennialism), by politics, etc. Peace is indeed coming to this planet, but it will be personally delivered by Jesus at His second coming. Which, by the way, is preceded by the removal of the Church about seven years earlier.

However, what the Gospel does, and what only the Gospel is capable of doing, is to give hope to a hopeless world; not the lie of wishful thinking stemming from human efforts against pathogens, but a real hope that is based upon the intervention of Jesus (who by the way spoke this world into existence, to begin with) into the affairs of this world. A real hope guarantees there is something far better that is soon to come no matter what catastrophe might hit humanity.

The first aspect of the “blessed hope” (Titus 2:11-13) is the hope that we will be alive when Jesus takes His Church out of this world. Such expectation is based upon the imminence of this happening. The second aspect of this blessed hope is the hope that if we die before Jesus returns for His Church, we know with absolute assurance that we immediately go into His presence and that our bodies will be resurrected to eternal life with Him at the time of the Rapture.

Only the message that is our Lord’s Gospel can offer this. It is our only escape from the ravages of the Wuhan Virus and other pathogens and traumas. And, the ravages of godless elitists.

Be safe, be discerning, and use your God-given resources to help those who are unable to help themselves.





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  • This is a very good article. It plainly illustrates the situation and where things are headed. If one is watching closely, it is very obvious that this is a huge step in the direction of a evil one world government.
    This is like a vine growing in all directions branching out in getting more control in every aspect of daily living. This is very prophetic and does show that indeed we are living in the season of our Lord’s return to Rapture all believers off the earth. Also adding to the fact is the convergence of everything else going on, earthquakes, pestilence, wars and rumors of war, wild weather patterns, etc. This virus will undoubtedly lead to alot of famine and shortly to. Farmers have had to dump alot of milk down the drain, tomatoes left in the fields already due to lack of demand due to restaurant closures all over the country.
    Things are really shaping up exponentially in endtime prophecy even though it is not any of the plagues of Revelation. But this heading in that direction. I am very thankful for the pretribulation Rapture. There no other teaching that is correct. The Bible is very plain about a pretribulation Rapture. Praise God.

  • Awesome commentary. On target. Just wish some of my family’s& friends would grasp this. It is my spiritual thinking also. Problem. So many r carnal minded & use their mind not heart to understand the difference! Praise the Lord

  • I warned some of my family early last year and year before (2018 & 19) that something big was coming and not to overextend in debt etc, to conserve rather than spend. Well, this Wuhan Virus pandemic kind of fits the something big … something else is also coming so do prepare in spirit and in the physical when life starts to resemble the new normal.


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