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Liberty or Safety?

Coronavirus Secret

A friend of mine recently sent me a text message that contained a profound insight. It read, “The response of the American people to the pandemic has proved that they are so fearful of death that they are willing to stop living.”

It was very similar to a comment I had read the day before in an article by the nationally syndicated columnist and ordained minister, Mychal Massie. He lamented the way in which the American people had so quickly “surrendered essential liberties in exchange for a little temporary safety.” He observed, “The fact that we’re all going to die escaped the masses out of a fear that they’re going to die.”

It’s amazing how willing we are to surrender our fundamental freedoms in the face of a crisis.

Fortunately, we here at Lamb & Lion Ministries did not have to face this challenge because our headquarters is located in a rural area on five acres of land that was given to us in 1983 by one of our trustees. Although our mailing address is McKinney, Texas, we are actually located seven miles east of McKinney in an unincorporated area.

We are blessed to have a county judge who is endowed with common sense and an attitude of respect for civil liberties. He refused to issue a stay-at-home order, and he refused to command businesses to close. Instead, he simply asked people to play it safe through social-distancing, hand washing and the use of face masks, where appropriate.

It was the mayors within the county who issued draconian orders for people to stay home and for businesses to close.

Since we are not located within any city limits, only the county judge’s broad guidelines applied to us. We continued, therefore, to operate as usual, except that we have practiced social-distancing, and we regularly disinfect door handles, light switches and common surfaces. One of our staff members with underlying health issues and another with a new baby decided it would be best for them to work from home, and we have allowed that. But otherwise, we have continued to come to work each day, and we have continued all our normal activities.

I’m thankful that we did not have to violate any orders that applied to us because, otherwise, I would have done so because no one was going to tell me that our operation was “non-essential.” We may be considered irrelevant from a pagan or secular viewpoint — as was the case in many areas of our nation — but from a spiritual viewpoint, I consider our operation to be absolutely essential. Furthermore, the Bill of Rights is not a list of recommendations.

In response to the pandemic, we immediately geared up to provide special services to help people deal with the pandemic. We published a special edition of our Lamplighter magazine to help people understand the pandemic from a spiritual viewpoint. We prepared a special “Christ in Prophecy” TV program designed to do the same. And we started producing brief daily videos called Prophetic Perspectives for our website that were designed to give people hope.

I was appalled at how quickly people were willing to surrender their basic freedoms of movement, assembly and employment. And the worst is yet to come because I believe the cure is going to prove to be worse than the virus. That’s because we have destroyed our economy, and we have quickly accumulated an overwhelming debt. What freedoms will Americans be willing to surrender in order to get food on their tables?

I can guarantee you that there are tyrants waiting in the wings, licking their chops, ready to pounce and offer “security” in return for allegiance.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Excellently presented there were / are several keys statements in ye article , however thee one that leaped out as they say / hit me to respond with a arm out-stretched fist clenched, heart pumping re-action was: “…the Bill of Rights is not a list of recommendations .” Shout that into the ears of the CNN pasty-faced man who said to a national audience: “….and you need help from up there.” Love viewing your fb offerings from Malinid, Kenya
    I remain your Brother in Christ na His servant in His “harvest fields’ of Kenya
    Drew Bernard James 1 : 22 / James 4 : 17

    • Very good article Dr. Reagan. As a statistician, I have talked to many people who I consider intelligent about this disease. I present the facts about the mortality rate and the large number of young people that are asymptomatic. I present facts about the number of people who are at risk and I present facts about the plethora of studies that show none of these masks actually protect against an RNA type virus. I’ve shown my friends how the death rate is going down. I’ve explained how the number of cases are going up because the testing is going up. All these facts are are greeted with a simple, “yes but I’m still afraid”.

      I have never seen such fear and deception in my life. And I can only attribute this to spiritual forces of evil. I think we all must pray for this nation.

  • Thank you Dr. Reagan for standing up and speaking for all of us who still love our liberties. If more people would do so our economy would
    not have been nearly destroyed. Whatever happened to “..we must obey God rather than men?” The radical left tyrants as you say must be licking their chops when they realized how easy it was and is to mislead and deceive the citizens.

    God help us if the equivalent of COVID-20 breaks out as it surly will.
    The left is ready to declare anything a crisis in order to cease power. f r

  • Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who said “Those who would surrender freedom for safety deserve neither”?


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